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The Evil Within Trademarked

ZeniMax Media, parent company of Bethesda and thus Tango, have renewed the trademark of 'The Evil Within' franchise for continued use.

While this doesn't necessarily indicate there is another sequel coming right away, it does leave open the window for a glimmer of hope. And with Bethesda and Tango now operating as part of Xbox's expanded studios, you would expect Microsoft to want to cash in on the pre existing following this franchise has.

I just love your hairs shine. What conditioner do you use?

The Evil Within series didn't sell particularly well, but has developed a pretty strong following of horror fans who would love to reacquaint with detective Sebastian Castellanos to explore another nightmare.

Arguably much more haunting than monsters of the more popular Resident Evil series in the survival horror genera, the creatures of The Evil Within are sure to keep even the more hardcore horror gamers unsettled. Which likely accounts for some of the lacklustre sales, I for one would need a long hard session on Viva Piñata if i so much as held the controller for someone playing The Evil Within while they fetched a cup of tea.

I'll take two orders of 'absolutely fucking not'.

Still, enjoying these games from a spectator seat, i really do hope Tango games proceed to create more in this franchise once they are done with Ghost Wire Tokyo. Or apply their talent for the fucking horrific to a new IP.

For now we can only hope.

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