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A look back on Resident Evil: Biohazard

“Welcome to the family son.” Words famously uttered by a Mr. Jack Baker, head of the Baker ranch in Dulvey Louisiana, in the much-applauded return to form entry of the Resident Evil franchise. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Now fast forward four years to present day we are currently less than 24 hours away from the official launch of Resident Evil Village.

Imagine yourself driving through the bayou, along the tall trees and marshland. Only to encounter the most loveable family…the Baker clan! As Ethan Winters, a brand-new character for a brand-new take on what it means to be a survival horror. As this protagonist your only goal is to find your wife, Mia while trying to survive Saw like traps and new creatures. Now when I say brand new survival horror, I mean it! This is the first resident evil game to feature a 1st person Perspective.


Unbalanced comes to mind when describing the horrors that lie within, as a fan of horror, I felt that this game was different, with each jump-scare and each darkened corridor, more freighting than the last.

Capcom really did create a game that feels like you’re trapped in a nightmare. Similar to the Far Cry franchise by Ubisoft, being placed into a locale that is not suitable for the average human to survive in. Notably Far Cry 3 and 5 respectively, (check those out!) Island hostages and American cults, I would say these are two of the most stress inducing situations. Resident evil 7 captures the perfect feeling of terror and dread of being caught and worse….

Picture Res7 as a standalone horror at a rural farmhouse. Proof that Capcom can create such engrossing scenery and decor for those whom love details and gore. The details are so fine that even looking into the fridge can cause your stomach to turn.

Visually the game is stunning, with 3D rendered environments and realistic textures, and despite being 4 years old still looks stunning today, especially in 4k! The details on the creatures themselves are amazing to see as they are absolutely terrifying.

With nearly every drawer to open, and maggot filled lunchboxes to pilfer through, the interactivity is unquestionably awesome

The puzzle solving is classic Resident Evil formula. Different doors which require different keys, such as a scorpion door that would require the scorpion key, and so on. Along with the usual ‘Who the hell built this?’ locks to open, this time lining up objects to create shadows to fill the gaps in paintings.

Or maybe just like, a key? No? Shadow puzzle lock it is.

The characters themselves are rich with amazing features and traits. Ethan is the faceless protagonist whom you take control of. The Baker clan, each and every one of them look completely and utterly gaunt as well as intimidating, of course while fighting them in boss battles they have a few tricks up their morbid sleeves.

The mother Margie, personally she scares me more than the nun from the conjuring! However, Jack Baker is one of the best boss battles I’ve ever had the fortune of fighting. His persistence to live is outstanding, as well as his hunting skills (Mr.X 2.0).

The controls are new are interesting, being 1st person, it restricts your view a lot more than 3rd person. Shooting is harder and so are defensive tactics, with the new resist and defence button, now you can hide behind your virtual hands while actually hiding behind your hands!

Tell me when it's safe to look.

Overall, the game has the most exciting and adrenaline pumping sequences and it's a must play video game, even if you are not a fan of the franchise give this a go and you’ll be shocked at the amount of misfortune that will befall you.

Resident evil village drops this Friday (May 7th) and is set to follow Ethan Winters through a remote village in Europe in the search for his daughter, leading him to mythical beings and to new villains.

Thanks for reading guys and see you soon for some Resi fun. Let me know what you guys think of it in the comments down below!!

Pick up your copy of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard for the PlayStation or Xbox and join the family.

Or continue Ethan's story in Resident Evil 8: Village for the PlayStation or Xbox.

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