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Star Wars Eclipse reported introducing a new race

According to a new report from Sacred Symbols, Star Wars Eclipse will be introducing a new race and empire to the Star Wars universe. The report also includes a little bit of detail about the supposed story.

While it was announced last year at The Game Awards, there's been no official information about the game since. However, there's been a rather large leak recently which might have a bit more to it than originally expected. Sources for Insider Gaming verified the Sacred Symbols leak and stated it was a “controlled leak” to see community reactions to the project and to help with talent recruitment. The Sacred Symbols podcast describes various documents which give an overview of the main characters and their motivations. The lead character is Sarah who is a “member of the human-like race" that leads The Zaraan Empire. According to the leak, the story is about Sarah the fanatical true believer" of the violence regularly demonstrated by her empire and Xendo who has a "far softer touch".


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