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Sony Deletes Mysterious Bloodborne Tweet

The Sony Twitter account recently posted a mysterious Bloodborne-related message today but quickly deleted it. There's been no explanation from Sony about what the post was supposed to be for. Naturally, the post was screenshot and is being reposted around social media. The tweet from the official Sony account asks “what PlayStation game cover are we zooming in on?” with an image attached which is obviously from Bloodbourne. Sony offered no further explanation about what the post meant and fans immediately assumed it must mean a Bloodbourne announcement is coming soon. However, Sony quickly removed the message. While Bloodbourne news has been rumoured for quite some time, the post was made on the Sony account and not the PlayStation account. The official PlayStation Twitter account didn't react to the Sony tweet and game announcements always go through the PlayStation account, not the Sony one. It's likely the Sony social media team just wanted to post something to get some engagement and got more than they expected. A new Bloodbourne announcement would be fantastic though the mysterious Sony message doesn't really confirm anything.


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