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Raw Review (2021-12-21)

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

MVP started by saying that some people might think what Lashley did last week was impossible. MVP went on to say that Lashley beat Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins and the WWE Champion Big E and that nobody can disrespect Lashley now and must acknowledge that we are living in the All Mighty Era.

We all wanna go big?

Big E, the WWE Champion, made his entrance. Big E got into the ring saying that the Lashley he knows is strong, he’s dominant, he’s got a lot of sisters but when it comes to getting done in the ring, he does it all on his own. Lashley claimed he didn’t need MVP’s help to beat Rollins, Owens or “Little E”. Lashley said that if MVP takes out Big E’s knee then Lashley is going to take advantage of that, so that’s what he did, Big E mentioned if Lashley couldn’t beat him on his own then maybe MVP could. Lashley stood at ringside to see if it’s true that MVP could beat Big E.

Big E faced off with MVP while Lashley was standing at ringside, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens attacked Lashley from behind at ringside and threw Lashley into the ring post. Big E went to the ringside to fight Rollins and Owens as well. Rollins and Owens overpowered Big E to send Big E into the barricade. Back in the ring, Rollins and Owens went after Lashley with Rollins going for The Stomp, but Big E intercepted with a clothesline and belly to belly suplex. Lashley caught Rollins with a dominator slam off the shoulders. Rollins and Owens retreated to the back while Big E and Lashley stood together in the ring.

Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins were shown talking to each other in a hallway. Owens said that they need to take Lashley out of the match because he’s like “a Super jacked Benjamin button” with Rollins telling him to shut up. Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville came to tell Owens and Rollins that the match was now a tag team match. Pearce said it’s going to be Owens and Rollins vs. Big E and Lashley.

Fantastic work from all involved, they all have great chemistry when doing mic work and bounce off each other brilliantly, this feud and title picture is probably my favourite thing in wrestling right now.

KO and Seth particularly have great chemistry, Kevin Owens has been pure gold for the last couple of weeks.

They’re hilarious when they’re together, genuinely entertaining to watch, if creative have produced this pairing just off the back of their chemistry during this feud then good work creative, which is something I don’t often say.

Bianca Belair vs Doudrop

We start off the match with some pushing, Bianca goes for an early KOD attempt Doudrop gets away and then starts showing off her power throwing her weight around, Bianca gains some momentum with some typically athletic offence, goes for a cross body from the top but is caught in mid-air and hit with a power slam Bianca gets a reversal and goes for her flippy moonsault thing and Doudrop gets knees up, they come out the ring and Bianca hits a spine buster on Doudrop at ringside, when we come back from break, Bianca goes for a corner power slam, Doudrop reverses then tries a 2nd rope splash but there’s nobody home, Doudrop goes for a corner cannonball for a 2 count Doudrop gets some ground and pound, then throws Bianca across the ring a couple of times, I mean she really launches her.. Bianca gets some dodges and gains some momentum culminating in a 2nd rope cross body, then hits her flippy Moonsault for a 2 count, next gets 4 hits in the corner before Doudrop again reverses with a power slam, instead of going for the pin she drags Bianca back to the corner to attempt a 2nd rope splash again nobody home.

Bianca hits the KOD for the 3 count.

Winner: Bianca Belair

A very good match this week, probably the best match they have had so far. Feels like they’re trying to put Piper into the Nia Jaxx mould, the match had the end of feud feel about it, and it ended in the right way with Bianca finally hitting the KOD on Doudrop which was an incredible show of power from Bianca and a clean pin. I’ve enjoyed this feud for what it has been so far, but if they try to make it go any longer it will feel somewhat like flogging a dead horse.

Bianca is such a versatile performer, it really feels like there is nothing she can’t do. She could quite easily use the current gimmick she is doing in a heel mould as well as Face, I hope she goes back into the title picture again or maybe a NO1 contenders feud with Rhea. Would be a fantastic watch in my opinion.

Video package of Austin theory and Finn from the last 2 weeks, Austin Theory has an interview backstage and says he thinks Mr McMahon sees him as the future WWE champion.

Finn Balor vs Austin Theory

Finn starts aggressively attacking Austin in the corner before giving chase to Austin out the ring, Finn carries on the attack at ringside before both come back in the ring, Austin then gets a reversal on a Finn move before slowing down the match and establishing some control, Finn gets a dropkick reversal from a Panama flip before sending Austin back out the ring, Austin gets a neck breaker reversal on a kick from the apron as we go to break.

When we return Austin has again got Finn in a face lock, Finn gets out and hits a dropkick in the corner before a sling blade and a double stomp to the chest, Finn continues his attack till Austin is on the apron but Austin reverses with a shoulder to the stomach before hitting his signature diving roll into a dropkick, the height he gets on the jump for this move is insane.

Austin goes to attack Finn in the corner but he reverses with a Pele kick before going up for a coupe de gras, Austin gets up to pull Finns legs out meaning he is sitting on the top of the corner before hitting a new move I can’t say I’ve seen before.

Looked sort of like springboard Spanish fly, Austin gets his phone and tries to take a selfie as he’s making the cover 1… 2… Finn reverses into a pin of his own which Austin kicks out of Austin goes for his finisher which Finn reverses into a reverse DDT before hitting a shotgun dropkick and going up for another Coupe de gras, This time he does get a 3 count for the win.

Winner: Finn Balor

An entertaining match and the new move spot was great, Finn kicking out because Theory tried to take a selfie while making the cover is great storytelling and shows the youthful naivety of Theory which has always been his storyline downfall in WWE, I have a horrible feeling this is leading to a ridiculous, “First selfie wins” gimmick match or something similar, hopefully not though!

We have a video of the events of MizTV last week and Miz is backstage with Omos he says he had a nice chat with him, Miz leaves Aj comes over and says he’s glad him and Omos are on the same page before setting out a plan for them, Omos ominously says “can’t wait” before smiling and walking away.


He starts off by apologising and grovelling to his wife Maryse before announcing Aj and Omos, Omos throws a chair out of the ring for what seems no reason, Miz and AJ have some witty back and forth, Aj starts saying about Omos potential and says they’re on the same page now, Miz says he has heard differently to that from Omos, he says Omos said that AJ is holding him back and he doesn’t need him.

Aj starts asking Omos is this true and says he all ears for what Omos needs to say, before Omos can say anything BOOYAKA BOOYAKA the Mysterios make their way down to the ring for their match against Aj and Omos

Aj and Omos vs Mysterios

Dom and Aj start in the ring, there is some early back and forth, Dom with a springboard arm drag when going for his next move Aj reverses with a back breaker, there is some more general offence from both before Dominik gets a reversal and Aj reverses that with a Pele kick, Dom tags in Rey who starts fast with a hurricanrana before a tornado DDT and a 619, he goes up for the frogsplash, Aj gets his knees up and goes to tag in Omos who refuses the tag, they stare at each other for a moment before Rey rolls up Aj for the 3 count.

Winner: the Mysterios

Aj starts shouting at Omos before attacking him, Omos throws Aj across the ring before going for the PF Omos reverses by getting Aj in a fireman carry and launching AJ in the air. He stands over him and says “The next time you see me, will be in a match, against you!” Not very well delivered, Omos could probably do with Paul Heyman if they want to push him…

The match itself was good, fairly short but it was mainly to create this AJ and Omos split which has been coming for a few weeks. Decent match in itself and did what it needed to with regards to storytelling.

Personally, I’m glad they have split AJ and OMOS up, he feels wasted currently they will probably have a feud which Omos will probably win, that will be a poor decision for me as I don’t rate Omos and I don’t particularly want to see him near any titles, he was okay as AJs big intimidating silent bodyguard but I don’t think he should have progressed beyond that, but then it is no secret that Vince is a fan of big monstrous wrestlers like Omos.

Randy Orton is out next, but first, we go backstage and Austin theory is reeling from his match

Randy Orton vs Chad Gable

Start off with some standard lockup back and forth, Randy gets out the ring for a 5 count to get some respite, he comes back to get the better of Chad with a headlock body slam, Chad reverses with a leg chin lock followed by a great arm drag, there is some more back and forth before Chad gets another couple of really picturesque arm drags, Randy gets a reversal and throws Chad out the ring as he’s coming back in Randy kicks him to set up for the draping DDT, chad reverses with an attempt at a suplex and an arm drag, chad goes for another arm drag which Randy reads and dodges and hits a RKO for the 3 count.

After the match Otis comes into the ring to defend Chad Gable and pushes away from 3 RKOs in a row.

Winner: Randy Orton

I loved this match. Really good in-ring work, Chad Gable was hitting Randy with arm drags galore, Randy got wise to it and dodged one to hit an RKO which Chad Gable sold like a dream by the way.

Showed real in-ring intelligence from Randy. It was a good match to watch, I really enjoyed it and It again played Otis up as the monster they’re pushing him to be at the moment, it’s another feud on Monday night raw that I’m genuinely interested to see where it goes.

MVP is backstage with Bobby Lashley asks if he can trust big E, he says no but he’s going to beat KO and Seth Rollins, and if Big E looks at him wrong he’ll beat him too.

MVP asks if the earlier events was a setup, and that wasn’t Bobby bailing on him, Bobby dodges the question and asks for some water.

Great work from MVP here and again sort of teasing a Hurt business split which could be a good storyline to delve into after Day 1.

Damien priest is out next

But first we have more 24/7 shenanigans, and Reggie is hanging out with Dana again Akira is looking for RTruth and Tamina is following them and goes for a roll up but Dana gets out, Reggie fights off Akira and RT, and Dana quite easily gets the better of Tamina.

They both run away.

Please stop this now, I thought we were going to get some change with this title, but unfortunately, it’s just the same old shtick, I can’t be the only one that’s bored to death of these segments.

Damien priest vs Dolph Ziggler

United States contender match

We begin with Ziggler trying to get control and Priest having an answer for everything Ziggler throws at him before Damien gets the Bell ring and takes control of this match. He throws Ziggler to the ground before going up top, Ziggler springs up to hit a superplex from the top rope before going to break, When we come back Damien Irish whips Ziggler into the ropes, Ziggler gets a reversal on Priests next move with a BIG DDT and then he starts tuning up the band for a superkick, Damien reverses with a flurry of punches and kicks before hitting Ziggler in the corner, he goes for a Broken arrow which Ziggler reverses, Damien reverses Zigglers move with a clothesline before this time hitting the broken arrow and follows up by going up top again, Ziggler again springs up for another superplex but Priest reverses then hits a kick from the apron, while the ref is checking on Ziggler, Bobby Roode takes out DPs legs.

Priest loses his mind and Robert Roode trips on the ring steps while running away leading to Priest ground and pound on Robert Roode outside the ring and the referee gets to 10.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler


Count out

Damien hits his finisher on Bobby Roode for good measure.

Lazy storytelling for an easy title match, this match was decent when it was in the ring but quickly became a plot point exercise, this is the second time recently we’ve had a count out in a No1 contenders match, the other being Toni storm beating Charlotte flair on Smackdown.

I don’t really get why they have started booking matches against the champion for contenders matches, especially when they’re trying to book the champions strong, to me it makes more sense to have a match against another contender/ contenders rather than against the champion.

Finn is backstage and Kevin Patrick comes to interview him before Theory attacks and takes some selfies with a downed Finn Balor

Next up…

On this day, I see clearly

Edge is out, but first we briefly go backstage with Vinny Mac in his office and Theory comes in, theory starts apologising for trying to take a selfie during the match he knows he shouldn’t have but he got Finn back with a cold blooded attack Vince says he likes the attack, but he lost the match and he doesn’t know what he should do, Vince says “Maybe I do, maybe I should fire you, I enjoy firing people, especially before the holidays”

He says he is giving Austin another chance with a rematch with Finn next week, before putting some rubber on his piece of paper from his pencil and blowing it at Austin.

Bit of a dicey promo, after the year we’ve just had having 80 ish superstars released probably in a bit of bad taste to go and say “I enjoy firing people” I think it was meant to come across comedic and a joke, just delivered badly.

I’m not a fan of these Vince McMahon and Austin Theory segments, I like Austin and I think him and Finn work great in the ring. But I just think these segments are a bit strange.




with Maryse as special guest

He says he probably doesn’t have a lot in common with his guest other than they’re both Canadian and frustrated with the Miz

Cue Maryse music

Edge asked how frustrating it is to be married to that dude. Maryse said she’s not going to be Edge’s friend. Maryse said her husband was the most narcissistic man on the planet and he won’t let her talk. She then went on to have a very long drawn out and not well received rant about being underappreciated, Edge came back with some snide comment about her faking all this and not believing her then he went on to call out Miz

Cue Miz’s music

The Miz attacked Edge from behind and Edge was ready with a kick that knocked Miz down. Maryse hit Edge with her purse to the head along with a slap to the face. Miz capitalized to deliver a Skull Crushing Finale to Edge. Maryse and Miz celebrated with a kiss while Edge was down on the mat.

2 weeks in a row Edge has been hit with the skull crushing finale because of Maryse, everything points towards Beth coming in to cancel out the “Maryse factor”, itll be nice to see Beth again in some aspects but I don’t personally want to see a mixed tag match, singles matches between Miz and Edge and Beth and Maryse or having the wives in the corners is fine, but I don’t want to see a mixed tag match thanks.

Another Veer Mahal is coming to raw advert. We’ve been having these since October… is Veer lost?

Next up

This is my brutality

Rhea Ripley vs Zelina Vega

Nikki ash and Carmella are banned from ringside Zelina comes out and does her multiple accent gimmick again, actually fairly funny in small parts

Rhea starts aggressively, Vega has a small flurry of offence, Ripley used her power to counter a move by Vega, but then Vega countered it into a jawbreaker. Nikki A.S.H. was shown watching on a TV backstage. Ripley used her size advantage to deliver a boot to the face. Ripley wanted a superplex off the middle ropes, Vega fought out with an arm wringer and then a jumping knee for two. Ripley kicked Vega to stagger her leading to Ripley hitting the Riptide

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Rhea dominating this match is the right result for me, I hope this leads to a Rhea/ Nikki split and a push up the card for Rhea, possibly back into the title picture where she deserves to be, the match in itself was a good match with a nice dominant performance.

Big E, the WWE Champion, was backstage with Sarah Schreiber about to ask if Big E & Bobby can…and Big E told her not to say that C-Word…co-exist. Big E said it’s not about being the best tag team, it’s about setting the tone for Day 1. Bobby Lashley walked up to Big E with Lashley saying he didn’t need MVP last week or anybody else’s help at Day 1. Lashley said he’s focusing on Rollins and Owens tonight. Big E told Lashley you don’t have to worry about him. Big E told Lashley to leave MVP in the back, Lashley said he’ll do that and left.

It’s nice that they are somewhat moving away from the constant “can they Co-exist” storylines and also are becoming a bit self-aware in the process.

Liv Morgan is out next wearing non ring gear and wearing a wrist wrap/wrist brace

Morgan said that last week, she challenged Becky Lynch to a rematch at Day 1. Morgan also had a kendo stick with her in the ring. Morgan said no matter how much pain she was in, she couldn’t let Becky get the upper hand. Morgan said she knew that Becky would fly home to the private gym she owns with her husband in Iowa, so she knew she would fly there to even out the playing field. Morgan said that was Becky’s plan all along. Morgan cued the video of what happened, which was shown on WWE’s social media this weekend.

Morgan said she will admit that Becky was a step ahead while trying to tell us that Becky had a student dress up like Becky. Morgan said she didn’t want to beat up an innocent woman, but it made her happy when she thought it was Becky. Morgan said that Becky was willing to sacrifice one of her own students and she thought it was disgusting that Becky would do that. Liv welcomed Becky trying to cheat in their next match. Morgan said that Becky can try to break her arm, but Liv will break her face and become the new Raw Women’s Champion.


Lynch said that Morgan beat the girl senseless and she had to put ice on her arm. Lynch claimed that when you’re big time you don’t have time to be down. Lynch talked about Livs dodgy arm and Liv said it only took one arm to kick Becky’s ass. Lynch said Morgan showed the students that everybody can get lucky once, but Becky will show that luck runs out. Lynch said that Morgan stepped up more than she thought she could while and has made a spotlight for herself. Becky said that Liv can’t handle the heat in the spotlight. Morgan said she’s starting the New Year as the new Raw Women’s Champion. Morgan told Lynch she’s standing just fine while inviting Lynch to have a look for herself. Lynch said she’s not going to get in there when Liv has a kendo stick. Morgan said she brought the kendo stick for Lynch and Morgan tossed it at Lynch on the floor. Becky shouted don’t insult me, but claimed she had a private jet to catch.

Okay promo to start off by Liv, maybe a tad scripted and like she was reading lines, the Video footage was ridiculously cheesy

Once Becky came out she was great as per usual, and once Becky and liv were having some back and forth Liv was great as well. Really good in the second half of that segment I don’t give creative much props they’re building Liv really well in this feud.

Liv seems like her confidence is building and Becky backed off a bit, great storytelling

Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins were shown talking about their match. Backstage, Kev suggests they should be called SR KO and says “That’s a t shirt right there” while Rollins is frustrated that he’s not focusing

This little segment had me rolling.

Big E is out next

Bobby is out next and comes out without MVP,

Kevin Owens comes out third and before he gets off the ramp BURN IT DOWN, KO looks shocked that he’s been interrupted, I know I keep repeating myself but I really like KO and Seth’s dynamic

Big E and Bobby Lashley vs Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins

Big E and Kev start in the ring and E delivers punches to Owens, who rolls out the ring. Lashley tags in and ran over Owens with a shoulder tackle. Rollins tried attacking Big E who was still in the ring, but Big E was ready and tossed Rollins out of the ring. Lashley with a running shoulder tackle on Rollins on the floor. All we needed was the Strowman express train noise….

Lashley worked over Rollins by sending him into the barricade they go back in the ring, Lashley hit a delayed vertical suplex on Rollins which he held for about 30 seconds and used one arm at the end. Rollins slipped out of a Hurt Lock attempt and Rollins sent Lashley over the top rope with a kick to the head sending him out the ring, Owens tagged in with a senton splash on Lashley on the ringside, Back in the ring, Owens hits senton splash on Lashley for two. KO taunts big E with his gyrating hip taunt Rollins tagged in for a double team suplex on Lashley. And does the DX suck it to the crowd, Lashley hit a flat liner on Rollins which leaves them both grounded. Big E got the hot tag against Owens with the belly to belly suplex trifecta, Big E hit a running clothesline on Rollins, when going for the big splash as Rollins tried to intercept, then Owens got a rollup for two up and Big E came back with an uranage slam on Owens for a 2 count, he then starts clapping for the big ending, Rollins with a distraction leading to Owens hitting a superkick. Rollins tagged in, went up top and hit a Frog Splash for two. Rollins tagged in Owens, Rollins hit a dive to ringside on Lashley and Owens jumped off the top with a Swanton Bomb on Big E for a two count.

When we returned from break Owens missed a moonsault off the middle ropes on to E meaning he could get the hot tag against Rollins with Lashley hitting a neck breaker and a belly to belly suplex across the ring. Lashley caught Rollins on his shoulders from a reversal leading to a power slam for two when Owens made the save. Big E went after Owens, then Rollins hit a forearm on Big E. Lashley charged at Rollins, who jumped and Lashley hit Big E with a Spear by accident. Owens wanted a Stunner on Lashley but he pushed away from it and Lashley hit a Spear on Owens for the pinfall win

Rollins hits a stomp on Lashley who was covering Owens and Seth was asking the ref if it was only 2, Rollins and Owens now continue working together to attack Lashley, they get the steel steps and hit Big E then Lashley and continue to attack both of them Rollins assists Owens with an apron powerbomb, and Owens returns the favour by holding Lashley on the steel steps for Rollins to hit a stomp, Rollins and Owens get in the ring and shake hands before hugging and celebrating together….

Winner: Big E and Bobby Lashley

This was a great match with a lot to see including some nice spots. The wrestling flowed well and the dynamic in both teams was surprisingly good.

I genuinely can’t call who walks away from Day 1 as WWE champion, if I had to hazard a guess I’d probably say E retains, but they could go any way with it at this rate.

I didn’t see this Seth and KO friendship a couple a weeks ago, interesting to see where it goes But please don’t put them in the tag division, they’re too good for that.

My Raw rating


This show had great storylines throughout, the wrestling throughout the show was fantastic and there was very little to say badly about this show.

I’m a bit confused why the Ziggler match was a No1 Contender match when Priest has been issuing an open challenge every other week, and I hated the finish to that match, but other than that and the 24/7 stuff which I’m sure entertains some people, just not my cup of tea the rest of the show was great.

I’m invested in almost every storyline and am genuinely excited and curious as to what is going to happen next with them.

I think a Rhea vs Bianca feud could be the way for them to both move up the card as the matches and the mic work will be fantastic.

The WWE Championship title picture is pure gold right now, and that is in no small part down to Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins, they are surprisingly good at – Dare I say it – Co-existing and every segment with them in had me invested, laughing or excited to see what they were going to do.

The quality of Raw in general right now is fantastic... Long may it continue.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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