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Raw Review (2021-12-13)

We begin with a vignette of last week’s events.

Followed shortly by Bobby Lashley and MVP making their way down to the ring.

They both say that the other people (Seth, Kevin and Big E) are scared of Bobby, and he still feels disrespected by not being mentioned in the title picture, that’s why he had to make a statement to them and Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville.

KO is out next, he says he hasn’t paid any attention in Bobby Lashley in like 2 years, he goes on to say himself and Seth have earned their way into the title match, Bobby has not, he wants to be the WWE champion people can be proud of.


He says you can’t start the show without the star of the show, says he admires Bobby’s suit game tonight, and says he agrees with Kevin’s point.

Bobby says if they don’t want him in the title match, to come and do something about it.

They agree they that can take Bobby together and then have some funny back and forth about who’s going to go first.


Big E says they’re all idiots and they’re scared of going in the ring with Bobby, but he’s done it a couple of times and isn’t opposed to do it again.

Adam and Sonya come out and say that no one is to touch anyone else or there could be fines and suspensions.

They say that Bobby will be added to the match at Day 1….


He can beat Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins and Big E in singles matches tonight.

A great opening segment. Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins have great chemistry in the ring and on the mic, this feud could be incredible between them alone, never mind the rest!

Really enjoy their segments.

Riddle is backstage admiring his suit from last week, Randy still wants Riddle to focus on their performances and the titles need to be his priority.

Randy says if he can focus on Otis tonight then one day, he’ll let Riddle wear the Jacket again.

I never in a million years thought that Riddle and Randy would work as a tag team or have any chemistry, boy was I wrong.

Before their match, we go backstage and KO, Seth and Big E are speaking to Adam and Sonya, Kevin says he’s going to beat Bobby, and he’s going to be up first, Big E says he is going to retain his title no matter whether it’s 3-way or 4 way.

Matt Riddle vs Otis

Otis hits an early power slam, riddle jumps up and gets a number of kicks in the corner, he goes to bounce of the ropes, but Otis stays solid, He then throws Riddle out the ring, he hits him on the back and throws him in the ring, Riddle kicks him and jumps over the ropes, goes for another kick on the apron, but Otis grabs riddle, picks him up and slams him into the barrier.

When we come back from break they are both back in the ring and Otis is dominating, he goes for a big shoulder in the corner, Riddle moves, Otis hits his shoulder on the corner, riddle kicks him from the apron before going up top for a cross body, Otis catches him in mid-air, Riddle wriggles out, starts hitting punches before hitting a springboard knee to the face, riddle hits the floating Bro, he “coils” for a RKO Otis pushes him onto the ropes and hits him with a powerslam on the return for the 3 count.

Randy comes in the ring to RKO Otis, he pushes him onto Chad Gable who gets the RKO instead, Otis then flattens Randy before Alpha Academy make their way up the ramp.

Winner: Otis

A decent match, like I often say, nothing spectacular but a nice solid match. It works well to continue this extremely strong booking of Otis. He really looks like a powerhouse nowadays.

It furthers the RKBro storyline also,

A nice Midcard match, typical of the booking for tag teams on WWE at the moment!

Up next

Bianca Belair vs Piper Niven (Doudrop)


We have a video package from each of them while they were doing their entrances, Bianca talked about Piper getting counted out last week. Piper said nothing about it, strange to not mention it…

The match starts with a lock up and Piper throwing Bianca away, another locks up, piper pushes Bianca to the corner she walks up the corner and does an arm drag, Bianca gets some taunting in and

dodges all Pipers attempts at attacks before hitting a drop kick, Bianca goes for a powerslam which Piper Reverses into her own powerslam. She runs into Bianca in the corner and hits her with a few forearms, she Irish whips her into another corner and goes for a running move, Bianca hits her with a kick before hitting a very poor Hurricanrana,

Bianca goes for her flip onto the ropes, Piper grabs her legs and wrenches them over the ropes before throwing her back in the ring and hitting an elbow drop.

We come back from break and Bianca is beating on Piper in the corner and goes for a cross body, piper catches her, a couple of reversals before Piper hits a michinoku driver for a 2 count,

Piper grabs Biancas braid and shouts at Bianca while taunting and slapping Bianca, Bianca goes for a reversal but gets hit with a Belly to back suplex for a 2 count.

Piper drags Bianca towards the corner and climbs to the top rope, B reverses and hits a powerbomb, goes to the top rope herself and hits a very very nice 450 splash


Winner: Bianca Belair

After the match Piper attacks Bianca and taunts her with her own taunt again.

Bianca was great as usual and held an incredible pace. Piper looked a bit slow and off the pace, some of the match looked a little bit over-scripted and didn’t flow very well. But still not a bad match, and a clean pin, which I always want to see!

They need to go somewhere with this feud now, I don’t want another feud where we just see the same match over and over week after week with no storyline or payoff.

Kevin Owens is backstage and Kevin Patrick comes and asks him for a word about Bobby Lashley, he replies Trash, says the whole situation is trash, says he does like that he can end it right now, and he’s going to win at Day 1,

And that is no lie…

Is this a new catchphrase for KO?

Seemed to be what they’re alluding to; he’s said it a couple of times now.

Kevin Owens vs Bobby Lashley