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Smack Down Review (2021-12-10)

We start the show with Sami Zayn, he comes out in a wheelchair leg and neck brace, he also has 2 of the buffest “nurses” I’ve ever seen with him Pat Mcafee said the same!

We get a video package of last week’s happenings, Sami comes to the ring and claims he’s the toughest man in WWE as it took the 2 most dominant wrestlers in WWE history to put him in this state, He claims it was a conspiracy that they worked together and he was betrayed, he goes on to claim that he is going to sue everyone involved in robbing him of his Universal championship chance. As he’s saying this we get a new voice over the mic, and it's Paul Heyman he says he’s sorry that the audience have had to put up with Sami Zayn so far.

Sami and Paul have a bit of back and forth over the microphone, Sami says he knows that Roman isn’t here tonight, then starts making threats towards Paul.


He goes and gets a chair before making his way into the ring, he opens the chair in the middle of the ring takes Paul Heymans microphone and sits down. Brock and Sami have some back in forth on the microphone, he says he apologises for last week.. Brock asks Sami if he really thinks he was going to beat Roman and says he did him a favour last week because he was never going to win, invites Sami to go hunting with him, Brock starts intimidating Sami into doing as he’s said, Sami doesn’t want to as he’s vegan so Brock starts wheeling him away, Paul Heyman takes the mic back from Brock and asks Brock what he’s doing, and says Brocks gone soft. Brock attacks Sami’s nurses then kicks Sami out of his wheelchair, before delivering a F5.

Brock is so much better on the microphone than he’s ever been!

This was a nice little segment to start the show, it was nice to see something that wasn’t your usual down the line promo!

Kayla catches up with Brock backstage, and says what was the purpose of you coming to the stage, he says “why don’t you ask my advocate, Paul Heyman”

Next up

Los Lotharios vs Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs

Boogs and Humberto start in the ring, Boogs has both of Los Lotharios in the ring and shows his strength by lifting them both above his head one at a time, he tags in Shinsuke who hits a very badly delivered Kinshasa… 123

Winners: Nakamura and Boogs

The less said about this match the better, pointless, didn’t flow, didn’t look like a worthy finisher to put someone down for a 3 count. One of the most Pointless matches I’ve watched in a long time, just feels like they tried to shoehorn Boogs and Nakamura in because of the entertainment value.

We go backstage and there is something under a purple sheet that a bunch of the Smackdown roster are surrounding, Kofi isn’t letting anyone look at what it is…

We have a small promo about the main event before Kofi starts talking in a bad British accent and unveils a new crown for King Woods, Woods does a promo about the main event also in a British accent in his “king” speech, and gets everyone to chant Huzzah, including Pat Mcafee, made me laugh at least.

We have a video package of the last 2 weeks of Drew McIntyre’s happenings over the last couple of weeks.

Firstly him being left out of the battle royal, then him asking where Adam Pierce was last week.

Next we have Adam sitting at his desk on his phone, he looks up to see Drew at his office with Angela, he tells Drew that the battle royal was chosen by a “higher authority” and also that he’s not allowed to take Angela the Claymore to the ring with him tonight, Drew stabs the sword into Adams desk.

Sheamus is out next for his match with Drew, Cesaro is watching backstage on a screen!

Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre

He does indeed come out without his trusty claymore, he comes down to the ring and squares off with

Sheamus and slaps his strange little cane out of his hand, Sheamus tells the Ref to ring the bell and they start brawling in the middle of the ring. They have some typical heavyweight back and forth, Sheamus goes for the 10 beats and only gets one before Drew reverses and gets 4 beats of the bell, before Sheamus reverses and gets all 10 before hitting some moves on the outside,

We go to break, when we come back Sheamus hits the Irish curse for a 2 count and goes for white noise, Drew reverses into the future shock DDT and goes for a Claymore, Sheamus jumps up and hits Drew with a running knee for a 2 count. Sheamus starts doing Drew’s taunts before going for the Brogue kick, Drew dodges and gets a roll up for a 2 count, Sheamus gets a kick in the stomach and up onto his shoulders, Drew hits a Glasgow kiss, Sheamus also hits a head-butt of his own, he Irish whips Drew into a corner, Drew bounces off the corner and uses the momentum to hit the Claymore for the 3 count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

The quality of these 2 always shines through, they will always have good matches, hard-hitting heavyweight action that flows better than usual heavyweight matches. It’s better than some other things that WWE put on a Midcard, Hornswoggle comes to mind, but did we really need to see this match again? It feels like we’ve seen it so many times before!

We go backstage and Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss steal Adam Pearce’s desk that still has Angela the Claymore in it.

Next is a nice video package for Jack Lanza the WWE hall of famer who sadly passed away this Wednesday

Next up


Naomi comes out and she feels the glow

First Kayla catches up with Paul to ask about Brocks earlier comments, he tries to avoid the question before Kayla asks Paul how he thinks Roman will react to that. He walks away, genuinely think it’s one of the best feuds right now.

Naomi vs Sonya Deville

We have a video package of their feud this far..

Naomi has the microphone in the ring and calls Sonya out, Sonya’s music hits and she’s actually wearing ring gear!

Sonya asks for a microphone and says she has a couple of surprises, guest announcer Natalya, and Guest timekeeper; Shayna Baszler, Naomi goes and attacks Nattie and Shayna before getting back in the ring, Sonya runs away and regroups the 3 of them to coordinate an attack on Naomi.

Music Hits

The protector is here, Xia Li finally debuts! Xia Li and Naomi take out Nattie and Baszler, Sonya gets a slap from Naomi and a Kick from Xia before being dragged to the corner by Naomi but Shayna pulls Sonya out the ring!

I think this was pretty predictable that’s what was going to happen with Xia Li, it was a pretty predictable segment, but it’s nice to see Xia finally debut, she’s already done more than Aaliyah!