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Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violent bring the 9th Generation

The Pokemon Company released a new Pokemon Presents on February 27th which announced that the next generation of Pokemon is releasing this year. This announcement was overshadowed in the media due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent gaming industries' response to it.

The full Pokemon Presents is available here if you want to watch it in full.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet

Despite the fact that Pokemon Legends: Arceus was only released in January, The Pokemon Company has announced that the next generation is here. Generation 9 will be starting later this year and the trailer reveals both some of the region and the three new starter Pokemon: Sprigatito (Grass Cat), Fuecoco (Fire Crocodile) and Quaxly (Water Duckling).

The announcement trailer doesn't feature any new Pokemon but we did get to see some of the regions. It was confirmed that the open-world features towns that blend into the wilderness which is a first in the series. Pokemon can be found roaming anywhere including the streets of towns.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet will both be coming in late 2022 and a release date is expected to follow soon.

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