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Opinion: Pokemon Arceus has opened the way for Digimon on the Switch

Digimon and Pokémon were two massive staples for most kids of my generation. The contest between the two over various forms was as brutal as playground contests could get. However, like every great conflict, there was an eventual winner. Pokémon took home the gold due to the popularity of the games and their design.

Pokémon made use of a simple rock-paper-scissors combat design that appealed to both kids and adults. Digimon did have games, but they were far more varied in their genres and titles. There were a few standouts, but none managed to reach the same popularity as Pokémon. This was for several reasons, but one of the main was arguably their lack of representation on hand-held consoles. This has changed somewhat with the Switch, but the main game isn’t there.

Digimon World was a series that allowed the player to explore the Digital World and raise their Digimon. Over time the Digimon would evolve based on certain parameters. There have been many different games, including one of the PS4, but they never really reached mainstream popularity.

However, with Pokémon Legends: Arceus release and popularity, it could be the time for the series to return to the Switch.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is a game that walks away from the prior formula of the games. The game opens us to the world and avoids the more railroad like formula of prior games. It also changes how battles are fought and the options available for the player. So far players and reviewers have positively accepted the game with many commenting on changes and how they improve the game. The popularity of this new style is something Digimon could use, especially as many of these gameplay aspects are already a part of the current Digimon meta.

Digimon World games are very similar, or at least they have been. The series allows players to move through large worlds and the trainers are more involved than the Pokémon trainers have historically been. Now I’m not saying Digimon should entirely copy the design choices, frankly, they already have those aspects. It’s more that they should capitalise on this to bring new players in. Currently, there is a new Digimon survival game in the works, but it doesn’t appear to be anything similar to the mainline games.

Digimon is a great series, and I’m not just saying this as a fan, there is plenty there for fans of Pokémon to enjoy. Digimon offers players a similar, yet noticeably different experience. The things they love are still there, but there are also new aspects for players to explore. I want there to be a new Digimon World game on the switch, and I think now is the best time. However, I would love to hear what you all think!

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