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Pokémon Direct: Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Are Game Freak actually changing the way Pokémon battles work with Pokémon Legends: Arceus?

Pokémon Legends: Arceus, named after Aceus which in Pokémon lore is said to be the God of all the creatures in the universe, is the first game set in the past. It takes place in Hisui which is later known as the Sinnoh region.

You are tasked with creating the first Pokédex... which I thought I’ve already been tasked with? Professor Oak sent me off to create the first Pokédex in Red and Blue. Well apparently he stole the idea and used child labour to complete it. Which seems on brand with Nintendo reportedly using Chinese forced labour camps to create their hardware.

On Wednesday we finally got a better look at this game. It’s quite interesting because it’s the first ‘spin off’ Pokémon game that Game Freak have worked on themselves. It implies that this could be a test for how Pokémon games will be in the future.

The game is a vast open world. The Pokémon games pretend to be open world but you are always being pulled through a track. In the older games you needed HMs to get to certain places and in Sword and Shield it was a straight line to the battle tower at the top of the map.

I’ve seen a lot of people complain that the graphics look awful but I think it looks fine. Maybe I’m programmed to love every new endeavour the Pokémon company brings out but I don’t see the issue with it.

It’s the first Pokémon game where you can buy just that one game and complete the Pokédex. Every other game required you to have two copies or a friend. This one you can play alone and do what you’ve been trained for, catch 'em all.

The method of catching Pokémon is different too. No more aimlessly walking through grass and walking up to Pokémon in the overworld to battle them. You actually have to sneak up on and throw your Poké-ball to fight them.

The first thing that really stands out to me is that they have changed the battle system for the first time since 1997. It still looks turn based but it’s got a new twist on it.

In the trailer it says that each Pokémon could attack several times in a row depending on it’s speed stat and move. Each move can be used in two different styles: Strong style and Agile style. Using the strong style will increase the moves power but their action speed will be lowered. Using the Agile style will decrease the moves power but their action speed will be raised.

Which will completely change how you battle trainers and Pokémon and adds a whole new element to the games strategy.

The video doesn’t mention Pokémon battles, it only mentions wild Pokémon but it would be interesting to see how this new battle system changes the online battling meta.

It did say at the end of the video that it will be compatible with Pokémon Home next year. Which is where you store all of your Pokémon from each game so I wonder if there will be a battle tower in it.

I do wonder if Game Freak is trying out a new battle system, a more open world and a new way of catching Pokémon to see how people react and getting ready to bring more drastic change in the next game. Just as likely they will only use it for this game and scrap it all and go in another direction like they do with every Pokémon game.

Check out the full pokemon direct below:

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