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Owen Hart Announced As Part Of Upcoming AEW Console Game Roster

Yesterday it was announced that AEW has broken more ground. The company has announced that actual wrestling legend and brother of Bret, Owen James Hart shall be included in the upcoming untitled AEW game.

After bringing CM Punk back to wrestling after a seven year hiatus, then in short order bringing in Ruby Soho, Adam Cole (BAY BAY) and The American Dragon Brian Danielson, it would be understandable if the company laid off the Earth shaking announcements. Of course, this is the breath of fresh air that is All Elite Wrestling we are talking about.

Since the unspeakable tragedy that was Owen’s death in the pursuit of a stunt entrance at WWF Over The Edge 1999, Owen’s widow Doctor Martha Hart has been relentless in two respects. One is getting justice for her late husband and the other is not working with Vincent Keneddy McMahon, the owner of the WWF/E.

No matter the effort, since that day twenty two years ago, with the exception of the Raw is Owen tribute show and a somewhat throwaway blu ray release, there has been nothing from the WWF (now WWE) in the way of content regarding Owen Hart.

That changed yesterday when with a now all too familiar microphone drop (metaphorically), it was announced that a partnership now exists between the Owen Hart Foundation formed by Dr. Hart and All Elite Wrestling. Details are that his name will be lent to an annual tournament, his likeness rights will be granted to an AEW figure (which with the CM Punk one will be on my shelf shortly following release) and one important tidbit for us gamers.

Owen James Hart is joining the game’s roster. OK, I personally agree, the 2 mobile games had positives but were distinctly average outings. But with how good the product that is All Elite Wrestling has been and how much I am literally salivating over how it can now include (but isnt limited to):

Kenny Omega, Jungle Boy, Jade Cargill, Jon Moxley, Brian Danielson, Chris Jericho, Penelope Ford, The Bunny, Tully Blanchard, Ruby Soho, Adam Cole (Bay Bay), CM Punk, Bret Hart and now his brother Owen.

There are also small but persistent rumours that the man who named his son after Owen Hart, Kevin Owens is All Elite Wrestling bound early in the new year. If he is to be included too, no doubt it will be via dlc but with WWE 2K22 being delayed until March 2022, together this may indicate the game is aiming for either a release simultaneously with WWE’s latest effort (don’t forget, their last 2K game de railed their 2K series for a year) or maybe just before to possibly capitalise upon the Christmas market.

A definitive release date, while elusive at the moment, I guess will be announced at the next AEW Pay Per View, Full Gear in November. Knowing how it is not exactly unprecedented, I would not be entirely surprised if the announcement is on one of the weekly shows of Dark, Rampage or Dynamite.

Or like this Globe shattering announcement, might be released in a tweet which makes even the most cynical wrestling fans like me surprised and say ‘hey what?’

Either way, as in my previous AEW article, I am excited by the game and this announcement has taken it from must buy to Phillip Jay Fry ‘shut up and take my money’ territory.

Tony Khan, Dr. Martha Hart, I think I speak for most wrestling and gaming fans: thank you both for making our sport fun again. We are in for a treat.

In the meantime, why not read up on previous thoughts on AEW’s ventures into our consoles and handhelds?

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