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All In for All Elite Wrestling

Trust me, I could go on for hours about All Elite Wrestling. To me, a fan of WWE for over rework decades, it was such a metaphorical breath of fresh air. But in the interests of not making you have to read something as thick as the big print version of the Yellow Pages, I’ll reign in my natural desire to be verbose and try to keep this short.

And the fact is, there are not many details out there. So imagine what my review will be like! If the final release has even half of what I want, it’d be an easy WWE 2K destroyer.

AEW has completed the three count. In the next year. The company, who only began in 2019, will have released their first three video games.

AEW unfortunately has something of a deserved reputation for big matches with unfortunate botches souring our tastes (the exploding ring, barbed wire match and Blood & Guts are probably great examples), but over 99% of the match preceding it was an easy 4 or 5 star quality and I honestly feel it would impress almost all of the most jaded fans.

The first of the promotion’s games has dropped and while it has not exactly set the world on fire, the free medium mobile Casino game must be commended for taking the novel approach of rewarding winners with AEW Merchandise (from personal experience, I can positively attest that they are very well made so a very deserving reward).

The second will be a management simulation akin to the GM mode long left dormant in the WWE 2K series. While I do not expect a management simulation to have industry wide affect like GoldenEye or Quake, there is every year a loud call to restore this mode to the next WWE 2K game. I personally would not rite that one off before the reviews are in. Not even then perhaps.

The third is the promotion’s long awaited debut on consoles. It has no name as of yet (although with the first game taking its name from the promotion’s Casino Battle Royale, I’d guess it’ll take its name from either AEW’s flagship Pay Per View All In or their excellent show, Dynamite). Details at the moment are so far, pretty thin on the ground unfortunately.

No complete roster for the game has been released. Although with their prominence in the promotion, Chris Jericho, The Young Bucks, Brandy, Cody, Dustin and Jon Moxley are a lock. A trailer does double down on this somewhat, it is available to view here:

Got to say, Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega look way more ripped here than in real life.

Promotion mainstays and video game fans Kenny Omega and Aubrey Edwards are involved in development and have helped to get involved the industry titan, Yukes.

If that name is unfamiliar to you, first I am jealous of your youth. Second, they are responsible for arguably they responsible for arguably the two finest moments of wrestling on home consoles, WWF No Mercy and WWF Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain. When it comes to strength of Pedigree (pun unintended, but I will not apologise for it) , there is nothing which instils me with faith in this game more.

Scenes from the less talked about WW1 Xmas truce

The Blood & Guts and Exploding Ring Barbed Wire Ropes matches do lend themselves more (at least visually) to the world of video games as keeping combatants safe in a game is ultimately not an issue. I would salivate uncontrollably if they announce via a simple mic drop that these are included as match types.

If it is anything like this, this still young promotion will not only have nothing to worry about once the game goes live, but I would say also that this 2022 release is definitely something to look forward to.

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