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Norman Reedus Might Have Teased a New Silent Hill is in the Works

Norman Reedus has posted a strange and short video to Instagram. It's brief, psychedelic and features him alongside the the Silent Hill bunny who has become a bit of an icon for the horror game series. There's not much information to go with it but this is extremely promising for Silent Hill fans.

What was the Instagram Video?

Instagram video (Major Flash Warning)

The video is very short and doesn't reveal much by itself. It shows Reedus walking alongside Robbie the Rabbit like they are close friends. Reedus is wearing what looks to be a skeleton bodysuit with one hand behind his back while he walks next to the bloody faced rabbit. In the video it almost looks like the aim was to make it look like he was holding hands with the mascot while they walked together. The caption attached to the image is just “G'nite”.

However, Reedus is known for posting 'strange' things to Instagram so the video isn't that far out of his normal content posting. It's unusual for him to post something with such a prominent character from a series he's not currently involved with however.

Does this confirm a new Silent Hill?

Reedus has worked with Hideo Kojima in the past with him being the main character in Death Stranding. However, it's less well-known that Norman Reedus was going to the protagonist for the cancelled Silent Hill project from Hideo Kojima. So he was involved with Silent Hill in the past.

The end of PT showed this handsome mug in the hills.

Recently, Konami and the Bloober Team have announced a strategic cooperation agreement. This means that both companies will be working together on various projects with both new and existing franchises. Bloober Team has been focused on horror games in recent years with games such as Layers of Fear, Observer and Blair Witch. This would make them a potentially good partner for a new Silent Hill project. Considering Reedus was involved with the cancelled game, it wouldn't be that surprising for him to join the new project.

The short video has given a lot of hope to Silent Hill fans along with the collaboration between Konami and Bloober Team for different projects. Hopefully we'll be getting confirmation in the near future about what these projects are.

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