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News Bit: Twitch Streamer runs a 10K Charity Race in Lord Of The Rings Cosplay

Charity streams are common on Twitch and running a 10k for charity is usually hard enough for most people. Twitch streamer OrcRun decided otherwise. The mysterious streamer livestreamed themselves taking part in a charity run while wearing some Lord of the Rings cosplay.

OrcRun has been streaming charity runs for a few months but this is the first time they've livestreamed an even on Twitch that included other people. The armor OrcRun uses in their streams is based the Uruk-hai orcs from The Lord of the Rings films. The 10k run was completed on September 19th in just over 50 minutes which is a fantastic time. Made even better by the orc suit of course.

After finishing, he explained that he wasn't able to breath well as his sweat clogged the cloth mask underneath the Uruk helmet. OrcRun also explained that his arm started hurting early in the race most likely due to holding the camera for the entire run.

If you want to watch OrcRun on his 10k race you can find the video here

He also uploads other runs wearing the cosplay.

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