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News Bit: Phasmophobia finally has a Single Player

Phasmophobia is officially over 1 year old now. Developer Kinetic Games has decided to celebrate the anniversary with a new update for popular game. One of the most common requests was a solo mode for brave players to explore alone and do some ghost busting. While Phasmophobia has become popular for its co-op multiplayer aspect, a single player mode would add a new element to the game.

Kinetic Games posted an update to the Steam store page including a few quality of life changes and bug fixes. However, the biggest addition to Phasmophobia with the game is an offline single player mode.

The solo mode is exactly the same as the normal multiplayer game. However, you'll be exploring spooky locations and discovering ghosts all alone. Videos of people playing alone are already available on YouTube and Twitch streamers can be found taking on the solo mode as well.

Riku will be live streaming Phasmaphobia single player on Halloween week as we celebrate the spooky season over on YouTube, plus some multiplayer with a few others in a lets play coming your way.

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