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News Bit: Deep Silver video for Saints Row reboot deep dive has been leaked

The Saints Row Reboot was announced at Summer Game's Fest 2021. There's been a lot of talk from the development team about characters and world but there's been no real gameplay footage yet. However, this has now changed thanks to what seems to be an official deep dive video being leaked.

Deep Silver seemed to confirm the legitimacy of the very genuine looking video when they began copyright striking uploads of it to YouTube. While those videos were taken down, people have naturally downloaded it and uploaded it else. The leaked deep dive includes an... interesting watermark that covers the screen.

The video is around 13 minutes long and includes plenty of gameplay footage. Combat, gangs, factions, driving and more are all included in the leaked video. Sadly the footage is a little pixelated but it gives us a much better look at the new Saints Row.

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