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News Bit: Twitch Gambling Streams have become a regular Top 10 Most Watched entry

A new report has emerged claiming that gambling websites are partnering with Twitch streamers to encourage their viewers to gamble. Not only this, Twitch is currently seeing its gambling section dramatically rise in popularity. While crypto gambling is illegal in the US, this isn't stopping Twitch streamers and viewers from using a VPN to access the websites.

Over the past 6 months, three of the Top 10 Most Watched streamers have been sponsored to regularly promote gambling and crypto-gambling. Meanwhile, the gambling category has regularly reached the top seven Most Watched categories and at the time of writing this news post, the Slots category is ranked number five.

While one streamer commented he makes “much more” than $1 million a month from his gambling sponserships, others are losing insane amounts of money within minutes. Celebrities such as Drake have begun to join Twitch and regularly stream gambling with millions on the line.

There's been no comment from Twitch about the new problem arising on Twitch. Sadly, due to how gambling addiction works we might not see the effects of this for quite some time. Especially when the viewers are young children who won't be able to gamble for many years.

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