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News Bit: Subnautica developer is working on a Turn-Based Strategy game

The developer of Subnautica has announced their next game but it's not an immersive survival simulator. Unknown Worlds is working on a turn-based strategy game it's currently codenamed Project M.

The game was announced by publisher Krafton in its latest FY2021 financial report. According to the information in the report, Project M will release for PC and mobile platforms and the team plans to use an “easy-to-learn, hard-to-master formula” which will be “fun to watch others play”.

Project M will be set in a sci-fi world though we don't have any details about this yet. There's no way of knowing if the game will be set in an existing universe such as Subnautica or a brand new IP. The new game is confirmed to be released later this year however, there is no confirmed release date yet. Project M will also be released into Early Access.

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