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News Bit: Sony wants to put adverts in PlayStation Games

A new report from Business Insider claims that Sony is working to put advertisements in video games. In December 2021, it was also claimed that Microsoft was looking into doing something similar. According to different sources, Sony may be adding advertisements by the end of 2022.

The new report states that this is to encourage the development of more free-to-play games by giving them another option to monetize the game. These in-game advertisements would appear to be 'naturally' part of the game. They would appear in places such as digital billboards in sports stadiums and potentially be among the fake advertising on walls in other games. Advertisements would provide players with rewards for watching them, such as promotions for in-game items.

According to the sources, Sony is uncertain if they will take a percentage of the revenue. The company is also considering charging developers and publishers for data on consumer activity on PlayStation consoles.

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