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News Bit: QuakeCon 2022 announced for August

Bethesda has announced its annual event for this August and confirmed it would be another all-digital show due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Promoting it on Twitter, QuakeCon will be another digital event due to the uncertainty that still surrounds physical events.

The annual celebration of id Software began in 1996 as a dedicated event for the Quake series. Since then, the event has evolved to encompass all that is Bethesda. It traditionally features a large LAN party for competitive play and is one of the most significant LAN events in the world. QuakeCon 2022 will still include online meetups, a 'virtual LAN' party, giveaways, and more. Bethesda will be announcing more details in June.

While QuakeCon 2022 may be digital, the team is committed to returning with a physical event in 2023. The organisers have already begun work planning for the next event, the first physical QuakeCon, since 2020.

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