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News Bit: Someone hacked the US Navy to livestream Age of Empires

In an interesting turn of events, a US Navy Facebook page was 'hacked' and the 'hacker' decided to use their newfound audience to Livestream some Age of Empires. The first stream was on October 3rd and a second one followed on October 4th. However, it wasn't quite how it first seemed.

The USS Kidd is a US Navy destroyer that has its own Facebook page. A Navy rep spoke to Task and Purpose about the 'hack'. The Navy did eventually get control back and quickly deleted the rogue videos.

How was the US Navy hacked?

The Navy has explained the situation. Apparently, it was just the social media manager who forgot to log out of the USS Kidd account and into their personal account. This doesn't quite explain the strange headers attached to the streams such as “play game” and "ffffffffffff”. It certainly looks like a hack but the social media person might just regularly stream under strange names.

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