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News Bit: Elden Ring receives MA15+ Rating in Australia

The release date for Elden Ring is creeping closer so it's no surprise the game has been rated in Australia. This is the second official rating spotted for Elden Ring following the Korean one posted in September.

Australia's rating board has posted a rating for Elden Ring confirming an Australian launch for the game. It's been rated as MA15+ in the region which follows the rating pattern of Bloodborne and various Dark Souls games. According to the listing, Elden Ring contains “strong fantasy themes and violence” and “online interactivity” which was the reason for the rating.

The Korean rating board commented on similar themes. It highlighted the “excessive expression of violence” in Elden Ring and “realistic” weapons used in the game.

Elden Ring will be launching January 21st worldwide for games on PC, PS5, Xbox Series consoles, PS4 and Xbox One.

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