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New Bit: The Nintendo Switch OLED is already attracting some Negative Attention

Consumer Advocacy group Euroconsumers has openly called out Nintendo for releasing a new console without fixing the Joy-Con drift issues first. The controller problem has been around since 2017 when the Nintendo Switch first released. Joy-Con drift has also led to several class action lawsuits and in 2019, Nintendo announced they would repair faulty Joy-Cons for free in some countries.

Euroconsumers represents five organisations and have released a press release challenging Nintendo. This was released on October 7th before the release of the Nintendo Switch OLED on October 8th. It focuses on the new model and the unsolved technical problem with its controllers”. The press release also notes that Nintendo knows there is a problem but is selling a new console with faulty controllers.

At the same time, Nintendo has released a new Ask The Developer to their website. This one mentions that Nintendo has been working on the Joy-Con problem and implementing fixes to new controllers without publicly announcing this.

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