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News Bit: Skull & Bones is open for testers after years of delays

After years of issues and delays, Ubisoft has finally announced that Skull & Bones is looking for testers. The official Insider Program page for the game opened on March 9th with information about what it is and how players can register. Skull & Bones has had a very rocky development process but Ubisoft still expects the game to release before March 2023.

Members of the Insider Program will be able to play Skull & Bones early for a sneak peek at the game in exchange for their thoughts. The page explains that the team wants to get “real data & feedback” on the upcoming game and see what “players do when they're free to play our game whenever they want, however they want”.

The number of participants in the test will be very small for now but there will be larger tests in the future. Interested gamers can apply to join the Insider Program on the official website as long as they agree to the terms.

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