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News Bit: Shrek 5 Prank In Your Steam Library is Permanent

Steam users have been slowly noticing a strange game in their Steam library over the past year; however, the story is only just gaining some traction now. Shrek 5 has appeared on Steam, and it's not a real game. Trying to launch it just brings up an image of Shrek with the song All Star by Smash Mouth playing in the background.

The reason why "Shrek 5" is in so many users' libraries is very simple and was explained in 2021 by YouTuber Wulf Fy. In short, Shrek 5 is actually an indie shooter game called SCRAM. The developer changed the name and contents on Steam as a prank, but because they didn't own the rights to Shrek, the developer was banned.

It wasn't supposed to be a permanent change, but the developer was banned before they could convert Shrek 5 back into SCRAM. Now the free-to-play multiplayer game will forever be called Shrek 5 unless Valve gets involved.

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