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News Bit: PlayStation Plus will be getting Trials all games costing over $34

Game Developer has been told by its sources that timed game trials will become a requirement for some of the PlayStation game developers. Sony has begun informing game developers of its new requirements, which will force them to release a free trial version.

According to their sources, developers working on games with a wholesale cost of $34 or higher must have a time-limited game trial for the game. Games costing 33 Euros or 4000 Yen or more at wholesale will also require a trial version. According to Sony, the trials must last at least two hours.

Game Developers report that developers must release the trial within three months of the game's release date, and the trial must be available to gamers for at least 12 months. However, it does not appear to apply to PlayStation VR titles. Without further explanation, it is assumed that this decision is intended to encourage developers to create more VR games.

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