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News Bit: Return to Monkey Island developer is being Personally Attacked

Ron Gilbert, the co-writer of the recently announced Return to Monkey Island has been caught off-guard by fan negativity and hostility over the graphics. Fans of the original games began to target him directly on his personal blog which has led to him shutting down the comments and no longer sharing about the new game.

A screenshot of his response to the negativity and personal attacks was posted to Twitter by Dominic Armato who voiced Guybrush Threepwood in the Monkey Island series. Armato states that “the comments on Ron's blog were a total shitshow” but did acknowledge there was still some relatively polite discussion at times. The overall negative atmosphere was just too much for Gilbert and his final statement on the website included that he won't be posting anything more about the game and that “the joy of sharing has been driven from me”.

Considering the last Monkey Island game was released in 2009, fans of the series are eager for news about the new upcoming game. However, it looks like a group of very aggressive individuals have ruined all hope of regular updates.

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