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(Rumour) Mario Kart 9 and a new Donkey Kong

(Rumour) Nintendo May Have Been Working On Mario Kart 9 For The Past 3 Years and a new Donkey Kong game is in the works

It’s been 7 years since we’ve had a new Mario Kart. Mario Kart 8 is the most recent in the series. It came out for WiiU in 2014 and was ported for the Switch in 2017. So obviously Nintendo fans are eager for a new game.

Nintendo have technically brought out new Mario Kart games since 2017. We had the DLC for Deluxe, a Mario Kart phone game which I don’t think anyone enjoyed and a AR game that you play with remote control cars to race around your house scaring your cats.

To their credit, they take risks. Unwanted risks.

Nintendo really do enjoy bringing out every possible incarnation of their IP that isn’t the one that people want. But the wait might not be too long. Yesterday a reliable Nintendo insider Zippo posted on their blog that a new Mario Kart has been in the works for the past 3 years.

“I've heard multiple times that Yabuki's team are hard at work on a new Mario Kart of some sort, and have been for the last 3 years. I also made sure to specify that this project wasn't Mario Kart Tour, Live Circuit or the Universal theme park ride. Now, what is it, exactly? Another expansion of 8?
Mario Kart 9? "Nintendo Kart"? That I'm unsure of. All accounts are making it sound like whatever this is, is something that's coming this holiday-early next year.”

Now, THIS is a surprise I can get behind. Bringing these games to the west day and date is a fucking awesome move on Nintendo's part. They've always been mysterious (ha!) artefacts of Nintendo's past, and I've always been a big supporter of seeing games like this get a worldwide release.

A new DK vs Mario game, who's with me!?

On his blog he also mentions a new Donkey Kong game that is being developed by Nintendo EPD who made Super Mario Odyssey. The last Donkey Kong was Tropical Freeze which was also on the WiiU and ported onto the Switch.

“It's the big ape's 40th anniversary, and while I'm not sure how Nintendo is celebrating the occasion, there is a new 2D DK game being developed by EPD Tokyo. Retro is obviously busy with other things, so Nintendo has taken it upon themselves to bring DK back in as internal series. Don't expect the "Country" moniker to return, as EPD Tokyo are not interested in making a sequel to games they didn't make. Diddy, Cranky and the Kremling Krew should all be returning in this installment. It sounds like this game is launching before the end of the year. An E3 announcement seems very likely.”

Zippo has made accurate leaks in the past for titles such as The Legend of Zelda and Super Smash Bros. So things are looking good for Mario Kart and Donkey Kong fans.

If the leak is true then I think that this may be another indicator that the Switch Pro is around the corner. Nintendo have a record of releasing their new consoles with a new Zelda and a Mario Kart.

Get your Switch today.

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