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News Bit: Perfect Dark 2021 release date?

Spotted on the Game website this holder image for Perfect Dark.

Currently, it has a release date set as To Be Confirmed. With the year 2021. However, it does seem unlikely that this will be dropping in the next 30 days before 2022 begins. So this is likely just a default place marker on Game's website, as from the message with it mentioning just having been announced at the 2020 game awards, it's likely this listing was created a while ago.

Yet for it to now be live and available for pre-order does suggest it might be due sooner than we expect.

A while back it was discussed that Crystal Dynamic was coming on board to help the devs at The Initiative to work on Perfect Dark. It could be that they were just bought in to help speed up development for a quicker release date.

Whenever we get an announcement on the release date, we'll be sure to keep you informed. And hopefully, we'll be seeing Joanna Dark soon.

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