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News Bit: Halo Infinite MP Experience Changes and Game Pass Perks

Halo Infinite multiplayer has been a massive success. Seeing a huge number of consistent players and receiving praise for tight gameplay.

It does however also receive a lot of negative press on its challenge-based experience system.

Meaning you can win game after game, get high kills, and still barely move the experience needle. With cosmetics being tied to the level progression this has been a point of annoyance for most fans.

Luckily it does seem that the devs are listening. John Junyszek @unyshek, Halo's community manager, put out these tweets advising of some changes to progression system.

While I've not personally had many issues with progression, as I'm not looking to get a high level, just enjoy the game. These progression problems are a big problem for many gamers. Hopefully, the addition of decent XP just for playing matches will help.

On top of this, it looks like Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be getting some bonus content in the form of weapon skins, challenge swaps and XP boosts. With ongoing monthly XP boosts in Game Pass Perks.

This weapon design is available from December 8th.

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