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News Bit: Nvidia GPUs were stolen during a truck heist in California

There's a lot of demand for the Nvidia 30 series GPUs and combined with both the chip shortage and crypto miners, getting one has become difficult and expensive. Not everyone is willing to buy one of these cards. One group opted to do a literal truck heist instead and stole a truckload of graphics cards in California.

Posting on the official EVGA forums, the product manager Jacob Freeman confirmed that the shipment of EVGA GeForce RTX 30 series was stolen. The shipment was stolen on October 29th from a truck that was en route to the EVGA Southern California distribution centre. The graphics cards that were stolen had an estimated value starting at $329.99 and up to $1959.99 at retail.

The post also warns people that EVGA has a list of the serial numbers involved and trying to register a warranty for these cards won't work. It might also earn you a visit by the police considering the cards were stolen. Considering this, it might be a good idea for Americans to be cautious when buying new RTX 30 series cards from online marketplaces.

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