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News Bit: Hundreds of Games and Release Dates have been leaked from GeForce Now again

There's been another data breach from the games list for GeForce Now which has unveiled a lot of information. The list seems to be old as it also lists Project Volt which is the cancelled Take-Two game that cost the company $53 million. The leaked data was posted to GitHub and later taken down though various copies have been made and re-uploaded elsewhere. It's also still available thanks to the Wayback Machine.

The list includes hundreds of game titles that haven't all been officially announced yet by a range of developers. In addition to this, it also lists some games which have been announced as cancelled now and others that don't have names yet. Some of the listed “project” titles now have names and are listed under their official name as well.

The previous GeForce Now leak was mostly proven to be true so it seems likely many of the games in the new leak are real too. Unlike the previous one, this leak includes release dates for the games on PC and GeForce Now.

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