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News Bit: Halo Infinite Collector's Edition was announced and immediately Sold Out

The Halo series is known for having great collector's editions and items such as the Master Chief helmet that came with the Halo 3 collector's edition. For Halo Infinite, only the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X bundle has been previously announced by Microsoft. However, it looks like Walmart had a trick up its sleeve and announced a surprise collector's edition.

The Halo Infinite Collector's Edition was posted online at $169.99 where it almost immediately sold out. The new bundle was limited to just 10,000 units and now it's sold out. Strangely, Microsoft and Xbox haven't even mentioned this Walmart exclusive bundle yet and there's no way to know if additional versions will be made.

While this could be an unofficial bundle, the collector's edition did come with a range of very official-looking items including a Plasma Pistol replica bottle opener and an Energy Sword desk lamp. It's possible Walmart released this edition a bit too early.

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