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News Bit: Hogwarts Legacy release date might have been leaked

Hogwarts Legacy is supposed to be released this year but we've heard nothing about when it's due to release later this year. Well, it looks like the official art book for Hogwarts Legacy may have just revealed the game's release date.

The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy: Exploring the Unwritten Wizarding World originally had a placeholder release date of December 31st this year. Those who pre-ordered the book from Amazon UK have received emails telling them the release date has been revised. The new release date for the official art book is December 6th.

Art books for games are typically released close to the game's release date. This would mean that Hogwarts Legacy will either release on December 6th or close to this date in December. It's not a guarantee but, Warner Bros is planning to release the Gotham Knights art book alongside the game on October 25th. If Warner Bros follows the same pattern then Hogwarts Legacy will release on December 6th.

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