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News Bit: Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay finally revealed!

The most recent PlayStation State of Play was entirely dedicated to the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy game, which is set to be released later this year. The presentation lasted just under 15 minutes and was the official reveal of Hogwarts Legacy's gameplay.

There will be no familiar professors from the films or series, but there will be some familiar characters, such as Nearly Headless Nick, set in the 1800s. There's a lot to see at Hogwarts, including areas that were never shown in the movies. The gameplay reveal confirms that there are dungeons and passages to explore, as well as plenty to see.

The presentation mentions various plot points, including a goblin rebellion, and the players will be a new fifth-year student. It also shows some of how the combat will work and confirms that players can go down a 'darker path'. The reveal shows the layer using one of the unforgivable curses, Avada Kedavra.

Hogwarts Legacy will release for the 2022 Holiday period.


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