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News Bit: Halo infinite Metacritic score is in.

Halo Infinite has been in the works for a very long time, and even when it was due to release in 2020, they delayed a further year after backlash about the quality.

With an additional year of work and a very public shaming in 2020, our expectations are quite high for a polished final product.

We already have had a taste of the multiplayer beta which has been out since Xbox's 20th-anniversary celebration. And it has been received incredibly well. Despite some issues with progression systems.

Now at long last we will see impressions of the campaign.

*Edit* Now at score 87 *

Collecting a very respectable Metacritic score of 85. This will be seen as a disappointment to some who'd hoped for the 90s. But broader minded will understand that above 80 is usually a phenomenal game.

The lowest scores coming from Game Rant and PlaySense

Along with GamesBeat and Inverse giving it solid 100s.

Metacritic is generally a not very nuanced system, hence we refuse to use number / star grades for our reviews here.

I'll certainly be looking forward to stepping back into the Master Cheif's boots.

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