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News Bit: EA releases Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha footage of Skate

EA has released the first official Skate gameplay trailer for the upcoming game despite it still being “pre-pre-pre-alpha” and looking nothing like what the final product will be. It's obviously not the final game as the new trailer begins with a bare-bones mechanical showcase without any game textures. As the trailer goes on, it does get textures and transforms into something that looks more like a game.

It's an interesting look at Skate still in its early stages of development since it's rare we get to see a game when it's still at this point. The trailer also gives us a look at some of the tricks included and what we can expect to see in the future. From the new 'gameplay' trailer we can see characters running, climbing and swinging from bars without a skateboard but it might be added to these movements in the future.

The new trailer also includes a few fun bugs and silly moments that are expected during early development. One of the best is at 12 seconds where one of the character models has become rather deformed for some reason.

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