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News Bit: Chaos Dwarfs in Warhammer Total War 3

The next game in the Warhammer Total War series looks to feature a new faction for the games. Chaos Dwarfs.

This information comes via a leak from a dev working on the game, semi directly into our hands.

More information can be found on Chaos Dwarfs in the lore here.

Due out 17th Feb, TWW3 hopefully builds upon an already great series. Bringing new battle modes such as Domination Battles, Minor Settlement Battles, and Storm of Chaos battles.

As well as supporting an 8 player multiplayer campaign.

"Multiplayer campaigns now support up to eight players, and all player-turns are taken simultaneously, rather than each waiting for the others to go. Players can choose to make and break alliances with other players as they see fit."

Note that this rumour, while the source appears solid, is still just a rumour.

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