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Mario & Rabbids go Full Avengers at E3 2021

If you thought the team up between Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star-Lord and Avengers’ Thor was wacky and colourful, then this might just blow your moustache off!

Building on the bafflingly popular Mario vs Rabbids Kingdom Battle game released in 2017, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope takes the original crossover to new, galactic heights – drawing similarities to Marvel’s space-based outings in both its tone and visual style. With these added sci-fi elements, more quirky comedy and even more Minion-esque Rabbid rowdiness, it’s clear this won’t be for everyone – but if you loved the first game, this looks to add new gameplay elements, enemies and weaponry for wreaking havoc. The kids will no doubt love it, too!

Speaking of the gameplay, Ubisoft Paris look to be adding action elements to the tactical toolkit – a welcome dimension that should stop this sequel from feeling tired or samey. The pre-alpha footage of the game shows far-reaching landscapes, platforming-style exploration and a plethora of exotic climates for our unlikely heroes to discover. Whether the game will boast quite the same level of strategy with this added action twist is yet to be seen.

While this isn’t Ubisoft’s most ground-breaking release in the pipeline, chucking Mario into the mix with their Rayman-adjacent Rabbid series has clearly buffed up their bank accounts; a sequel was all but guaranteed as a result. Thankfully, this one looks to have made a sincere effort to climb higher and further than the first iteration, so let’s see what 2022 brings! Perhaps space won’t be the final frontier for our perky plumber and the weird-ass rabbit-looking lads…

Are you rabid for more Rabbids? Mad for more Mario? Or is this one collab too far? Sound off in the comments!

And if you missed the original cross-over’s craziness, why not snag a copy now ahead of Sparks of Hope?

Check out the trailer below;

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