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New Fallout content causing a surge in sales and player engagement.

Fallout 76 has had a rollercoaster of a ride since its launch in 2018. Initially criticized for its

rocky start, Bethesda has worked hard to improve the game with new content and

enhancements which has helped lead to a current player count of a little over 40k. (That is, as of

right now, a steam player count record.) Also helping was the recent release of the Fallout TV

series on Prime Video giving the franchise a second life and causing a surge in player numbers

across all of the other Fallout titles as well.

This is exciting to see as a longtime fan of Bethesda and more specifically the fallout games! It’s rare that the fans of a series, no matter what it is, get to witness so much positivity and good news relating to their favourite show/game. Let’s hope this hype train keeps chugging along, so we get even more fallout content like and actual series of movies on the same level as Marvel!

Playing a huge role in the surge of players was the release of the highly anticipated Fallout TV

series which premiered on April 10th of this year. The show is a wonderful fan service to long

time supporters of the game franchise and attention grabbing enough to make newcomers

curious to know more about what’s going on in the fallout world. The show relays the tone of the

game series very well with its dark yet engaging and humorous moments.

Another quality of the show is how well the characters are portrayed throughout the show and the development they go through in just 8 episodes. You get the feeling you’ve been traveling alongside each one of the main characters whenever they are on screen and get emotionally invested in their journey through the post-apocalyptic west coast. These qualities drew in fans from all over and made new ones out of people that have never even heard of fallout. It’s amazing to see!

Shenandoah valley: New Adventures await!

As Fallout 76 continues to grow in popularity these days Bethesda is preparing to launch the

Skyline Valley expansion in June of 2024. This update introduces us to new missions, faction quests, enemies and a new region in the south that has weather effects exclusive to that area. This is the first non-expedition content being added and from all the PTS streams and clips I’ve seen, the dev team at Double Eleven (@DoubleElevenLtd on Twitter) and Bethesda have put in overtime and really created something special.

The saying goes “better late than never” so finally getting quality content after all this time feels like a treat for those of us that have been there since the very beginning and a fresh start for those that are just jumping into the game. More players means more content creators and more content creators means more fallout content being spread around and that’s a win for everyone! The community surrounding these games is the best gaming community I’ve ever been a part of and it’s good to not see any gatekeeping happening and all the newbies being welcomed with open arms and helpful tips.

So, in conclusion, the recent surge in Fallouts popularity, driven by the release of the Fallout TV

series, demonstrates the appeal of the franchise and the potential for growth in the gaming

community. It also gives credibility to the phrase “generational game/games” because after all

these years Bethesda’s legacy is making games that keep on giving and keep on going, for

generations. And the upcoming Skyline Valley expansion for Fallout 76 is poised to maintain

this momentum and offer players new and exciting experiences in the post-apocalyptic

wasteland. With the combined power of the show and the new content coming out for Fallout 76

it’s safe to say that it’s good to be part of the fallout community right now.

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