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Fable Review

My brothers and I always got my dad’s hand-me-down PlayStation consoles growing up. So, it

was a complete surprise when my youngest brother got a brand-new Xbox (OG) for Christmas

one year. We didn’t have any games for it besides a couple demo discs and some racing.

game so it sat unused for a long time. Then one day I was in class and heard some friends.

talking about a game called “Fable” the more they described it to me the more I had to play it! I

waited a couple days and then asked my friend if I could borrow the game just to try it out, and

so begun my obsession with Lionhead Studios and the Fable series. In this review I’ll show

you all the things that make this game an all-time classic and hopefully hype you up for the

upcoming release of the newest game.

The Developer

Lionhead Studios was founded by Peter Molyneux in 1996. Aside from the Fable series they

are also the developers behind the “Black & White” (PC) series which is another great set of

games that deserve its own review, so I won’t get into it now but definitely check it out.

Lionhead was acquired by Microsoft in 2006 but closed down in 2016 due to mismanagement.

and bad decision making.

The Game

Originally released for the Xbox in 2004 and later for PC in 2005, Fable is an action role-playing.

game where every decision you make affects the world around you, the abilities you learn, how

people interact with you and even how you physically look. The game takes place in Albion a

charming yet whimsical world filled with interesting characters and stories along with beautiful locations and where you embark on a quest to avenge the destruction of your hometown and

uncover your hidden destiny in the process.


Fable has a great mix of combat, exploration, and character development. Although the combat

is relatively simple it’s a satisfying mix of magic, melee and ranged with a variety of weapons.

and spells to use. Mix it up or focus on one combat style because that’s one of the best parts of

this game, the freedom of choice when it’s comes to how you approach each encounter with an

enemy. As I mentioned before the character development really shines in this game because

not only do your choices and actions affect how the NPCs interact with you but it also affects

what abilities you can learn and how you look. Keep being evil and don’t be surprised to see

horns sprout or be the kindest soul around and you might see a halo appear above you! Now for

the exploration it can be linear at times, but it doesn’t take away from how beautiful and well laid

out some of the locations are. Think of it as a “quality over quantity “type thing because even

though there’s not a whole open world to explore the amount of space you can explore is well

thought out and detailed to fit into to the world perfectly. Also, be on the lookout for hidden items

and areas because the devs liked to sprinkle those throughout the map.

Graphics & Sound

For a game of its age Fable has impressive graphics and amazing art design that help bring the

world of Albion to life. The game also has a colourful aesthetic with detailed environments and

funny character models that really help tie everything in the world together. The devs put some

time and effort into the random lines NPCs will say and paired with the humorous and light

hearted nature of some of the characters it creates some great comic relief when things get a

little tense so listen closely when walking through a town.

Also, the soundtrack along with the ambient sounds are definitely fitting for the fantasy setting and helps immerse you in the world around you. That sound you get when a guild quest comes through and the voice of the guild master will forever be burned into my memory. Another great feature of the game is its replayability because it offers numerous hours of side content and ways to approach a situation, so with each play-through different choices will lead to different endings and variations in the story.


The game is great in my opinion but as far as where it can improve, its relatively short length

and linear structure is its Achilles heel. The story, gameplay, art style and humour are all top tier

so it makes up for its shortcomings.


Fable is a classic in the action RPG genre. While it may not have been perfect it still holds a

special place in my heart and the hearts of many gamers for its unique approach to storytelling,

gameplay and not taking itself too seriously. If you enjoy fantasy RPGs that have amazing

storytelling and have a focus on the freedom of player choice then Fable is definitely worth

checking out! I may have some bias towards Fable but give it a try and see for yourself, you

won’t regret it.

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