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Comics: Who in the world is Captain Krakoa?

Solicitations have come out for Gerry Duggan’s X-men #6, and the question on the tip of everyone’s tongues is; who is captain Krakoa? All that we really know about him is a cover image, and the fact that Cyclops doesn’t want him to be on the team, so let’s look at who it could be.

For those of us who don’t know, it’s been an incredible few years for X-books, following Hickman’s House of X/Powers of X series completely rewriting the mutants' place in Marvel’s universe. They now have their own country, Krakoa. They have overcome death. They have their own space force. The death sentence which Marvel gave the mutants back in House of M - due to not owning rights to any new characters made - and then tried to finalise with the Inhumans - which went as well as anyone could have predicted - has officially been revoked, and we are seeing the mutants come into their own, with multi-dimensional sword competitions and big parties with controversial outcomes.

And with a new country, comes a captain, obviously. This is Marvel we’re talking about. So let’s look at some prime candidates for the captaincy, and why. It’s worth noting this is solely based on the one image we’ve seen of them, and the fact that Cyclops isn’t happy.

Professor X

The image we’ve seen of Captain Krakoa is sporting very similar headgear to the Professors permanent Cerebro helmet which he’s been wearing in Krakoa. Also, body-wise he is looking quite similar to a pose we’ve seen Charles give his mutants, floating in the air. The thing which works against this is the fact that putting Professor X in danger puts all of Krakoa in danger. Since being able to overcome death, mutants have been dropping like flies (then coming out of a cocoon reborn, also like flies do when they die, according to my biology teacher at least), and a huge part of this process is Cerebro. If he were to get captured, this would cause a major strain on Krakoa, so for that reason it’s likely that we’re not seeing Xavier.


Here is where we lean on the one piece of real information we have, because Vulcan is Cyclops’ brother, and Cyclops would definitely want his (previously villainous) brother on the team. Vulcan has had a few moments in the Krakoan era of mutants, but we haven’t seen a huge amount of him, and with Hickman on his way out, this could be a way to wrap up some loose ends. He’s also an Omega-level mutant, the exact kind you’d expect Krakoa to want representing mutant-kind.


Much like Vulcan, we have another brother of Cyclops’, however this one has less history of villainy. He’s also part of the current run on Hellions, which is coming to an end soon. Perfect time for him to join another team! Alex Summers has a particular motif though, ostensibly to boost his powers.


He may just really not want to change his name.


Northstar is kinda arrogant and that would probably put him at odds with cyclops, plus physique-wise, isn’t a world away from this. Also, he’s not had a huge amount to do since X-factor was cancelled. (Not that x-factor.)


Probably isn’t, but Magneto is pretty stacked for a man who is also a Holocaust survivor, and it would make for a very interesting new look for the X-Men. Plus, in the last decade or so, Magneto has really chilled out. Also, this comes out in December, after the current ‘Trial of Magneto’, so this could be community service.

Someone new

It could be someone we’ve not seen before, after all, law number 2 of Krakoa is make more mutants. And they have been talking a lot of trying to mix different power sets together.

If you have any personal opinions, make sure to let us know!

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