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LOADING... Top Video Game Releases - Nov '21

Now we’ve just about got all the spookiness out of our systems that October tends to bring around, it’s time for November and its unenviable task of not quite being Christmas. But just as us British folk like to celebrate Bonfire Night this month, there are still some fireworks waiting to explode onto the gaming scene and Catherine-wheel their way into our collections.

But with so many pretty lights vying for your attention, it’s time for us to come and guide your gaze to the finest displays this month has to offer. Forget the rest: these right here are the best damn games LOADING… this November, so let’s light that fuse and let these wondrous titles dazzle our senses over the coming 30 days and beyond!

Just Dance 2022 Loading by: 4th November

We’ve got to burn off those terrifying trick-or-treat candy calories somehow and, rather than sweating yourself into a grim ol’ mess in front of people at the gym, Just Dance 2022 allows you to debase yourself from the discomfort of your living room – and that sounds like a winner to us!

The game’s original title, Just LSD, was sadly unapproved by PEGI

Boasting top tunes from the likes of Billie Eilish, Imagine Dragons, Bella Poarch and The Weekend to name but a few, the game is staying faithful to its previous iterations with a wide range of music to get you gyrating. Get fit before Christmas comes along and mince-pies our asses all over again!

Call of Duty: Vanguard Loading by: 5th November

You’d think people would tire of revisiting one of the most horrific events in modern history, but the hype around Call of Duty: Vanguard seems to suggest otherwise. Yeet some zombies and online lunacy into the mix, and World War II is – apparently – the place to be again.

History aside, the latest instalments of the Call of Duty franchise are always about as big a release as you get in gaming in this day and age, and this one does look sensational. Whether you’re in it for the campaign or simply to gun your way online to shout expletives at random strangers, it’s definitely worth picking up when it drops on bonfire night.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise Loading by: 5th November

A DLC release has to be something particularly special to land itself on the LOADING… list, but this one has been a long time coming and something that Animal Crossing fans the world over are salivating for. Couple that with the free DLC that finally gives us Brewster’s coffee shop, and Nintendo are all but ensuring we revisit our weed-infested islands for another 300 hours or so like we did in lockdown.

Happy Home Paradise does look to be a substantial add-on, offering the chance to design homes for other islanders, play with all kinds of new items and, crucially, even renovate your own islanders’ homes too – something I know many players have been barking for. Add into that mix that the DLC is included as part of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, and the future is laid out clearly before us: prepare to cancel IRL plans all over again…

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Loading by: 16th November

Our boi Sherlock has seen his fair share of screen time over the last couple of decades, but Frogwares’ upcoming release looks to be something altogether fresh and revitalising. Visually captivating and offering an open world within which to pursue your clues and leads, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is to sleuthing what Hitman is to, erm… hitmanning.

Playing as a young and inexperienced Shirly in a totally alien environment gives Frogwares plenty of poetic licence to make this opening salvo quite the experience for all – I’m intrigued to see just how tantalising the game’s mechanics actually are. On paper, they sound incredible, but – much like Sherlock’s enquiries – it’s in the proof.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl Loading by: 19th November

Retro gaming – be that remakes, remasters or re-releases – is somewhat in fashion all over again right now, so of course Pokémon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl is coming to crash Christmas lists across the globe. And with added additions like having your ‘mon follow you around on screen, character customisation and Super Contest Shows, there’s plenty of reason to head back to Sinnoh.

Of course, the Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for revisiting the DS-era Pokémon outings, offering the option to go portable and even use the touchscreen like old times. The graphical overhaul looks delightful too, offering Link’s Awakening-style chibi visuals which are an undeniable joy to behold. Gotta catch ‘em all AGAIN, it seems!

The world of video gaming is determined to bankrupt us all ahead of the Christmas season, and with titles as tremendous as this lot, it’ll no doubt succeed too! Let us know what you’re looking forward to playing the most and check back at the end of the month to see what’s making its way onto our crimbo lists!

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