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Battlefield 6 leak reveals it to be called Battlefield 2042

There have been a few leaks ahead of the big Battlefield 6 reveal on June 9th and the most recent one is a cover art leak. The supposed slice of cover art from the upcoming game and from a leaked info dump to Reddit.

The Reddit Info Dump

According to a Redditor claiming the information comes from an official source. They call Battlefield 6 by the leaked name of “Battlefield 2042” and also list a lot of details for the upcoming game.

Will there be Early Access?

The first private testing event will be on June 15th which is exclusively for big content creators and streamers but there will also be an Open Alpha/Beta this month. It was previously thought that EA Play would get the early access announcement but according to the leak, this isn't true. Everyone should have a chance to take part in the second early access event in a few weeks.

Anything about the Maps and Game modes?

The maps in the new Battlefield will be the biggest in Battlefield history and there will be a new map playable in early access. According to the leak we can expect to see a map called Shelf set in Antarctica. Levolution will return “more akin to Battlefield Hardline”. Another interesting point mentioned that Tornadoes and Twisters will show up on the maps and while every map will have a twister, not all of them will have a tornado.

According to the leak, the main goal of Battlefield 2042 is squad-based combat where teams need to pre-plan and then execute the plans. It places a heavy focus on teamwork and not running around the maps solo.

Sectors are the main focus of the maps which have different points that players need to capture to control the sector. However, once a sector has been captured it's not possible to steal control from the team that now owns it. The sectors will be huge and similar in size to the medium maps in Battlefield 3.


Characters in 2042 will be called Professionals and it's possible to have a specialist per class in your squad. These characters have an extra gadget or two but shouldn't be overpowered, They will still be unique in the game making them worth playing. However, all squads can call down vehicles such as jeeps and ATVs.

Anything Else?

The leaked information states that the game will have a grapple hook item similar to the one in Dying light but “nobody is a fan of it”. There are also Ziplines that players can shoot like in Modern Warfare. Players will be able to have two attachments on their characters which can be swapped out on the fly. This makes it easier to swap your attachments to better suit the immediate situation without needing to waste precious seconds.

It's also expected for the game to allow for 64v64 matches since this has been “seen and tested” for the game. Cross play will be not included at launch but has not been ruled out for the future. Sadly, the leak states that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 cannot handle the game.

How to Watch the Official Battlefield 6 Reveal

The leaked information is still very interesting and sounds very much like what we'd expect from the new Battlefield game. However, it is still an unconfirmed leak at this point! We need to wait for the official reveal to know just how much of this leak was true.

Battlefield 6 will be revealed on June 9th at 7 am PT/10 am ET / 3 pm BST and the game is expected to be released this year before Christmas.

You can watch the event live on the official Twitch channel and their official YouTube channel. After the event, the VoDs will be available on both YouTube and Twitch along with the official trailers.

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