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IO Interactive to helm ‘Project 007’

OK first thing is first, let’s look beyond the fact this website has Commie in the name and that this article is dedicated to a man who spent most of his books and films defending Queen and Country, extolling the virtues of Conservativism (ever wonder how the books are so short?- Kidding) and in the 1995 film Goldeneye, say he ‘used to shoot in and out’ of Russia, ‘the land of opportunities. With a new Ferrari in every garage?’

In the near quarter century since the release of the landmark in the shooter genre, (Rareware’s 1997 Goldeneye) we have been ‘treated’ to fifteen 007 video games. Some met with acclaim such as Electronic Art’s 007 Nightfire and Everything or Nothing. Some were completely solid experiences but highlighted missed opportunities such as From Russia With Love starring Sean Connery (decades after he stated he’d never go back to the role again) and some were, well … 007 Racing.

Beg your pardon, I forgot to knock

Since 007 Legends came out in 2012 (the series 50th Anniversary), no further James Bond games have graced either PC or Consoles. This has been somewhat a mixed blessing. On the one hand, since then only one Bond film has graced our screens (2015’s Spectre and it didn’t exactly set box office records or garner huge critical acclaim) and as for replaying past titles, to quote Alan Partridge ‘STOP GETTING JAMES BOND WRONG!!!’.

Titles from Rare’s Goldeneye onward tend to oversimplify everything. To the point 007 is basically a one-man army and doesn’t rely one jot on his wits to battle. So, the result is basically a game which feels like a Call of Duty game which is very watered down. And has sat in a coffee machine for a week.

This dormancy on the game front mirrors the near dormancy on the film front. Although the long delayed 25th film is out in just a few months. The game rights have now been picked up by IO Interactive, the studio behind the sublime Hitman series.

The studio has said their as yet untitled ‘Project 007’ will provide players with the ‘Bond origin story’. While this is not exactly new territory (it was trodden quite well by the 1953 book and 1954, 1967 and 2006 ‘Casino Royale’ films), I for one welcome this news. With the fastidiousness that the Hitman series commands (meaning a near endless replay ability factor in those titles), it seems a natural fit to finally helm this long sleeping beast once more (ok sleeping since 2012, but point made).

The cross over potential alone.

The game is currently in pre-production and details are scarce, but I would be extremely surprised if there are no more details shed before the September opening of the latest film, No Time to Die. I for one am really looking forward to the new game and to once again don my tuxedo, drink a Vodka Martini, drive an Aston Martin, take out inept unarmed guards and finally defeat an out-of-control billionaire.

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