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5 Steam Hidden Gems you don't want to miss this Summer Sale

The Steam Summer Sale 2021 has begun and we've curated some of the best games to buy this sale that you've probably forgotten about or missed. These are great games that are worth playing and are worth adding to your playlist to get through the Summer.

Technically, this isn't a typical hidden gem since we all know about the game where you're a little grey alien and kill lots of humans. However, it does only have just over 5000 reviews at the time of writing so it doesn't have a big player base on PC. This is a cult-classic game for a reason and if you were waiting for a sale to grab it, this is the time. Destroy All Humans! is currently 50% off in the summer sale and offers around 10 hours of the story along with plenty of replayable missions and human cities to destroy.

Did you bring the probe? My body is ready.

Management games can don't always scratch that tycoon itch many of us have thanks to the tycoon glory days. Megaquarium is a management tycoon game about running your own aquarium and the development team regularly updates the game. There's also a DLC for it out included in the sale so if you already own this game, you can grab the DLC for 25% off. If you're new to the game, you can grab it for 50% off or with the DLC for 51% off instead.

The name sounds a bit strange but Immortal Redneck is a great game. It's a frantic FPS with rogue-lite elements where you must die in the pyramid to be able to progress further. Each level of the pyramid is randomly generated so every attempt is completely different and there's a range of bosses you might encounter too. Immortal Redneck is an endless game with lots to unlock and rewards your deaths. It even has a Twitch mode so your viewers can help or hinder you as you play.

Less Dukes of Hazzard, more Dukes of OH HOLY CRAP WHATS THAT!

Go to locations, search for items, sell items, take part in auctions and outbid everyone else to keep making cash. It sounds pretty simple until the aliens get involved. Barn Finders is anything but ordinary with the story the developers have constructed for us. It's 40% and while there's one DLC out now, the dev team is releasing constant updates about the next one too.

While this is a relatively short game, Neo Cab is an interesting visual novel style game about emotional survival in a much more automated world. You've just arrived in a new city to stay with a friend but she's suddenly gone missing. As one of the last human cab drivers left, you need to keep working and select your clients carefully if you want to earn enough to survive in the city and to find your friend.

Just think of all the CommieGamer articles you could be reading

So jump into the Steam Summer Sale and take a look.

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