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Sony actually did it, Sonic is officially a VTuber

Sonic The Hedgehog might be 30 years old now but he's decided he's not too old for YouTube so he's having a crack at it. Sega is turning Sonic into a VTuber, bringing the beloved character to life in a different way from how we've seen him before.

On June 24th, the official Sonic Twitter account posted a little introduction from Sonic. This 3D version is an introduction to what to expect from his upcoming channel. Sadly, the tweet is only in Japanese and so is the video. You can find the tweet and video here where it begins with Sonic doing a classic YouTube welcome of “Hey guys!” before introducing himself. While the rest of the video is in Japanese, it does start in English.

The day all our news comes from Sonic i'll be done.

The voice of this Sonic is Jun'ichi Kanemaru who has voicing Sonic in Japan since the 1998 release of Sonic Adventure. An English version would most likely use a classic voice actor for Sonic as well. There's no news from Sega yet about an English version of VTuber Sonic or if it will remain a Japan exclusive.

What are VTubers?

If you don't know what a VTuber is then all it means is Virtual YouTuber. They're content creators made from a 3D model who stream and create content for YouTube. There are no limits in place for what one of these might look like with the most common being 3D anime girls or cute animals. So Sonic fits in alongside the others in this arena. VTubers seems to be part of the natural progression that was started by the popularity of Vocaloid artists. Vocaloid is a voice synthesizer that uses synthesizing technology along with specially recorded vocals to create a song. Other software similar to this does exist now. Hatsune Miku is the most popular virtual artist around and they are not a real human. It's software that's been marketed as a virtual idol and can only exist due to software such as Vocaloid. The surprise hit of these virtual artists took the world by storm with some of them such as Hatsune Miku even having live performances on stage using holograms.

(In case you're finding this as hard to believe as I am, then here you go)

VTubers are also increasing in popularity across different niches including video game lets plays and the software will continue to improve as it does.

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