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TRUTH or LIES -E3 Far cry 6 a Story of Succession

In this article, we take a sneak peek into Farcry 6 reveal trailer for E3

For Farcry 6 Ubisoft reveal opens up with refuges tentatively bargaining to get on a boat.

A Marion is taking money that looks like playing cards for safe passage, away from Yara an island deep in the Caribbean.

A small child shrouded in an oversized grey hoody is thumped in the stomach with a pipe.

doubles over before Danni Played by Nisa Gunduz shows compassion and convinces Marion to allow him to board the vessel.

In the bowls of the Boat Danni is given some cards by one of her fellow passengers, lamenting that they should be fighting not running.

Danni curtly reminds her they” have a gift and they will survive united remember the poor souls from the orphanage they escaped from”.

A tense silence is shared between them you can hear the creeks in the hull of the boat as it list lists two and through with the waves; suddenly the engine cuts out and the boat grinds to a stop!!

We hear pleading from the captain and two gunshots ring out punctuating the silence.

We hear the hinge of the hatch being opened and we see a pair of purple winkle pickers walking down the wooden steps till we reveal the villain (which all Farcry is famous for) Anton Castillo ruthless dictator of Yara.

Played by Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad.

Anton Regales the frightened refugees with tales of his father and fishing. A menacing metaphor to illustrate the fate of the refuges

"It's not always about your stomach. It's about the challenge”

Recalling what a prize catching a marling was.

The same old woman we met on the boat Cries out calling him “Sick tyrant" and he shoots her outright…

A signature of his deranged lethality.

He casually proclaims that he has caught “a very big fish” and then his son is revealed to be the boy in the hoody the boy who was beaten with the pipe is Anton's son.

Anton delivers the quid pro quo Truth or Lies

Anton forces his son into a game bargaining for the passenger's lives.

Compassion vs Callousness

Diego and Anton mirror each other. Anton is the past Diego in the future, Diego is in compassion VS Anton's Callousness and psychosis.

Anton is Charming and has the Charisma to convince you that he is right.

Whereas Diego relies on his compassion as his leadership style.

From the trailer, it appears they are writing a story of succession based on the proverb of the fated calf.

Diego's led away it goes dark and the passengers are massacred.

My opinion

Every Farcry game since 2012 seems to be an iteration of Farcry 3

Something needs to change.

Esposito’s performance, which would have dripped with tension and anticipation if it weren’t so familiar to the Farcry universe. It feels like this franchise needs a radical enema.

The formula is becoming tired and old, like a tailor-made suit that has outshone its former glory the gaps in the lining are starting to appear.

It's time for one of my favourite studios to lead a radical change in gaming, it seems the only way to do that is to break with convention and grow a pair of balls.

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