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Top 5 most Metal Influenced Games

5 - Splatterhouse

Jennifer Willis is due an interview with a necrobiologist, Doctor West and her boyfriend Rick decides to accompany her for safety. Rick is about to propose to Jennifer when he gets mortally wounded and Jennifer kidnapped by Doctor West’s experiments. Rick knocks over a sarcophagus revealing a mask which calls out to him saying it will help him save Jen and his wounded body in exchange for blood.

That's the setup for this side scrolling murderthon.

Smash through zombies and experiments with a four by twelve to a Thrash metal soundtrack with loads of blast beats and heavily palm muted guitar galore.

4 - Brutal legend

The protagonist Eddie Riggs, voiced by the actor / comedian and 50% of rock band Tenacious D, Jack Black is the “world's best roadie” for the worst metal band in the world called Kabbage Boy. Eddie gets killed at a gig by collapsing stage gear and he wakes up in an alternate world called Ormagoden, a world like hell but humans are enslaved by demons. The scenery looks like old 80s heavy metal record sleeves!

As Eddie Riggs, you progress through the game meeting some familiar rock and metal gods along the way such as Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy and Rob Halfort to name a few. The game is also filled with a great soundtrack of over 100 licensed tracks.

This heavy action adventure is a hidden gem on the PS3 and pretty cheap too, it’s worth a venture!

3 - Valfaris

Blood, aliens, a blunt protagonist and a badass soundtrack; you’ve got Valfaris. This Castlevania influenced side scroller is in a dystopian style compared to Steel Mantis’ previous release called Slain: Back from hell (also worth checking out), has you cleaning up aliens with a bastard sword in one hand and an energy weapon in the other. And like a dark souls situation, you will die...until you learn the enemies move sets. There’s a hint of Metalocalypse style humour, if you’ve ever watched that on Adult Swim too.

2 - Killer instinct

The menu and opening music along has a great guitar wailing theme. The soundtrack is composed by Doom 2016’s Mick Gordon, industrial metal titan Celldweller and the great Atlas Plug bring the genius of fusing electronic and metal music side of things, with a side of added eerie choirs to bring operatic black metal epicness. Each character has its own theme, in which distorted, overdriven guitar is obviously included. Even cameos from the Arbitor from Halo include subtle tenor vocals, so you can sing along to the Halo theme whilst you C-C-C-Counterbreaker your enemy. (play soundtrack in a large hall for best atmospheric effect here)

1 - Doom 2016

For obvious reasons Doom 2016 brought the heaviest of metal music back to gaming. With the explosive soundtrack by Mick Gordon, who used a 9 string Mayones guitar for beefed up tracks and chaotically revamped versions of E1M1 theme from the original Doom, it makes ripping demons into two or three meaty visceral chunks incredibly satisfying. The simple hack, slash, bathe in blood then move on gameplay means you can enjoy the lowest of low tunings. This game was and is still applauded by the metal community.

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