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Top 5 Beginner Tips for Dishonored 2

Are you a beginner to the world of Dishonored 2? If so, don't worry! We've got you covered with our top 5 tips for starting your adventure in Dunwall. This action-packed game can be overwhelming at first but with these beginner tips, you'll learn how to navigate the city and take down your targets like a pro. So, grab your sword and get ready to become an assassin master!

5. Learn the Lay of the Land

Dunwall is a vast city with many secrets and shortcuts. As a beginner, it's essential to learn the lay of the land before embarking on any mission. Take some time to explore the different neighbourhoods, alleyways, and rooftops. This will help you plan your routes more efficiently for future missions.

Another important aspect of learning the lay of the land is discovering key locations such as safe houses, black markets, and hidden entrances to buildings. These areas can provide valuable resources such as weapons upgrades or information on targets.

Don't forget that each area has its own set of challenges and unique environmental factors that can affect gameplay. For example, certain areas may have higher levels of security or be heavily guarded by enemy forces. Understanding these factors will enable you to choose an appropriate strategy for each mission.

Taking the time to familiarize yourself with Dunwall's layout will help you become a more efficient assassin in Dishonored 2.

4. Prioritize Your Targets

In Dishonored 2, you will be faced with various targets that you need to eliminate. It's essential to prioritize which target you should go after first based on the relevance of their role in the story and the potential impact it may have on your mission.

When choosing which target to focus on, consider how eliminating them could affect other characters and plotlines. Take note of any clues or hints provided throughout the game that may help identify high priority targets.

Another factor to consider is the environment where your target can be found. Some areas may have more guards or obstacles than others, making it difficult for you to reach your objective unnoticed. Consider planning ahead by finding alternative routes or disguises that can help make things easier.

Don't forget about secondary objectives as well. While they might not necessarily be critical to completing a mission, they could provide valuable resources like weapons upgrades or additional information about upcoming challenges.

Prioritizing targets requires careful thought and consideration but taking time beforehand pays off in better results during gameplay and an overall smoother experience.

3. Choose Your Approach Wisely

When it comes to Dishonored 2, choosing your approach wisely is crucial. The game offers a variety of ways to complete objectives - you can go in guns blazing, sneak around undetected or take a more diplomatic route.

It's important to consider the consequences of each approach and how it will affect the outcome of the game. Going on a killing spree may seem like an easy solution, but it could also lead to unintended consequences down the line.

On the other hand, being too cautious may prevent you from experiencing all that Dishonored 2 has to offer. Exploring different approaches and experimenting with them will allow for a more well-rounded gaming experience.

Another factor to consider when choosing your approach is how well-equipped you are for each situation. Do you have enough resources and weapons? Are there any upgrades or abilities that would benefit your chosen approach?

Ultimately, taking time to strategize before approaching each objective will increase your chances of success while keeping things interesting and challenging at the same time.

2. Use Your Environment to Your Advantage

In Dishonored 2, the environment is more than just a backdrop for your missions. It's a tool that you can use to your advantage. Whether you're trying to sneak past guards or take down targets, there are always environmental elements that can help you achieve your goal.

One of the most useful environmental tools at your disposal is height. Look for high places where you can get an advantageous view of the area around you. Not only will this make it easier to spot enemies and plan your approach, but it will also give you a tactical advantage in combat.

Another key element of the environment in Dishonored 2 is cover. Pay attention to walls, furniture, and other objects that can provide cover as you move through each level. This will help keep you hidden from enemy sightlines and reduce the chances of getting spotted.

You should also be aware of hazards in the environment that could work against both yourself and enemies alike – trapdoors, electrified floors etc - use them wisely! You never know when one might come in handy!

Don't forget about using supernatural powers like Blink or Far Reach to traverse gaps or reach otherwise inaccessible areas within an environment which may have crucial information on completing objectives.

Remember: every location has its own unique set of characteristics that can be leveraged if used correctly; so experiment with different approaches until find what works best for each level’s unique setting!

1. Keep moving

In Dishonored 2, it's important to keep moving. Don't stay in one place for too long or you'll become an easy target. Always be aware of your surroundings and look for ways to escape if things get too heated. By mastering these beginner tips, you'll be able to navigate the game with ease and quickly move on to more challenging levels.

Remember that Dishonored 2 is all about experimentation and creativity. There are countless ways to approach each mission, so don't be afraid to try new strategies and see what works best for you. With practice and patience, you'll soon become a seasoned player capable of taking down even the most formidable foes.

So, keep these tips in mind as you embark on your journey through Karnaca, but above all else, have fun! Dishonored 2 is a thrilling adventure filled with danger at every turn - embrace the challenge and enjoy the ride. Good luck!

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